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Tarwyn Park
Moving Horse Tarwyn Park StudMoving Horse
VALE Mar 2007
Standing stud stallion
Crazy Moon (Max) passed away

Whilst they say a photo saves a million words, it still doesn't portray the beauty of this upper Hunter River catchment in Bylong Valley.

It is roughly 3 hours drive North West from Sydney on the East Coast and is right in the middle of both wine and thoroughbred horse stud country.

It is testament to the Natural Farming Sequence system
that Peter Andrews put into place here.

He and his wife Anne, bought the original Tarwyn Park Stud which is one of Australia's Historic rural treasures. It was one of the first thoroughbred horse studs in Australia and the beautiful farmhouse which is made of stone,
is on the Australian Heritage listings.

Tarwyn homestead

In it's early days many of the nation's leading racehorses were sired and trained here including 'Heroic',but as the years went on it was sold and became a farm, cattle station and eventually it was neglected by it's owners until Peter and Anne took over.

They acquired many other farms in the valley and today the Tarwyn Park Stud is nearly 3000 acres and consists of 8 or 9 homesteads, many out buildings and at peak times is home to 800 thoroughbred horses. Some of Australia's greatest race horses were and are at stud there..

Rain Lover
was one of the very few horses to win the 3200 metre Melbourne Cup twice and still holds the record after many years. He had 17 wins between one and two miles during his four year career.

was considered to be one of the fastest horses from the stalls ever in Australia. Many of his prtege are winners and record holders and that is why he is considered to have been one of the most prolific sires of winners.

The fastest Bold Ruler horse to come to Australia and was a good stakes winner in Europe. Many of his protege are also winners and record holders.

Probably the most versatile horse to race in Australia since Comic Court or Bernborough. He won 19 races from 900m to 2600m against the very best of company.

Zooming Zone(USA)
Another great racer and sire to come to Tarwyn park from USA. He is sire to many winners.
Moving Horse

The recent major stallion CRAZY MOON(USA), (passed away Mar 2007) was a beautiful stallion who is already sire to many potential major race winners. His progeny are just now starting to be winners in Group One races.

One of them, PRAISE INDEED won the coveted Brisbane Cup, one of Australia's major races.

Peter and Anne became very attached to their horses and allowed them to retire and grow old gracefully and have the run of the place.

The horses are not only available for racing but for dressage and eventing, and can be exported anywhere in the world.

For more information about the Tarwyn Park Stud, its sales, leasing, training and agisting services, please send an Email here.