Peter is busier than a rock star when it comes to visiting places right across our nation. Whilst all places are not listed, check here to see where he might be..





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Recent Projects...

As well as at his own Tarwyn Park Stud in the Bylong Valley, Peter has completed several project throughout Australia..

These people are those who have either believed in his ideas, or were so hard against the wall, they'd try anything that gave them a chance!In some cases owners have disagreed with some of his ideas and have gone in after he has left and changed a few things that they thought were incorrect.You guessed it!

The rains have come and washed half the project away and some extra land as well! Of course the phone runs hot, Peter goes and repairs it, and demands an 'honest I wont touch it'.

After all, if those watching see it fall apart, they will think it was 'his' theory that didn't work.Later, when the rains come, it all goes as predicted and so another true believer is born, extremely apologetic they screwed it up the first time.Some of these projects are small whilst others cover large tracts of important land.

One of his most recent projects is still a work in progress although what he has achieved up to date is almost impossible to believe. The turn around of the environment is stunning.This work is on Gerry Harvey's beautiful horse stud 'Baramul' in the upper Hunter Valley. Australia's major scientists, politicians and television and print media had visited in the last few weeks and all are extremely impressed in what he has been able to achieve.

It is beautiful! He has returned the area he has worked on, back in time to what it would have been before white settlers tried to turn it into a mini Europe.

You may have already read about it in the press or seen it on TV. Other projects in the pipeline include some in Queensland, South Australia and New South Wales.Peter is constantly touring Australia talking to groups about the benefits of Natural Sequence Farming.