Reason why Forum was down.

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Reason why Forum was down.

Post by webmaster » Tue Dec 16, 2014 4:43 pm


Many apologies for those who came to the forum only to find it was down.

We have been overseas and this site was 'out of mind' until we were told of it's fate.

These days in the evolution of technology and the Internet, operating systems, scripts and programs are forever being updated and if one is not watching this is what can happen. No virus or hacking, just an update which required attention and a few tweeks.

Anyway we are up again and I urge you to be aware this site has been up for many years since NSF was first made public running purely on a volunteer basis. All costs have and are being paid for by me.

A little help along the way would be appreciated, otherwise maybe one day, it just won't be here. :(

In the meantine.. enjoy..

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