OUTRAGEOUS!! NSW Govt officials reckless in the extreme

As elections are one of the only times governments and oppositions take notice of public issues, do you think the potential of Natural Sequence Farming should become an issue.

Over the last years billions of dollars have gone into so called 'fixes' for our problems and now more billions are being poured down possibly another deep hole.

Do you think NSF should be given adequate funds to either prove or disprove it's theories?

Let us know your thoughts here.

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OUTRAGEOUS!! NSW Govt officials reckless in the extreme

Post by duane » Fri Jun 13, 2008 1:22 pm

Environment dept defends new logging code

"The NSW Department of Environment and Climate Change has defended its new code of practice for logging on private lands.

The North Coast Environment Council has criticised the practice, saying that more than 100,000 hectares of land has been approved for logging in the past 10 months.

It says approvals can be given with little public scrutiny, and old-growth forest and sensitive habitats could be at risk.

The department's Tom Grosskots says details of all private land approved for logging is on the department's website and says the number of approvals will eventually level out.

"That represents the approvals across NSW and is bringing a previously unregulated industry into this regulation framework," he said.

"So we have always expected that there will be a large number early on as the industry adjusts and becomes regulated, but the growth in that number will slow dramatically."

This is typical, dumb, bureacractic thinking. Do they even realise that:
*Climate Chgange and Global Warming are issues which can be solved by the very things these people want to remove
*The Federal Govt are sponsoring to the tune of some $150m the preservation and protection of tropical rainforest for the following purpose
*These old growth forests are providing the cooling /air conditioning mechanisms of the local region and contrubuting evapotranspired water to the bioshphere which in turn brings rainfall and cools the climate and the landscape.
*The owners of these PRIVATE lands which are to be logged should be encouraged by the Dept to be good stewards of their land, paid by carbon credits and govt for their stewardship to NOT log these life giving organisms.
*More than 95% of the original vegetation in NSW has been removed since settlement....these idiots want to remove the last 5% and then they will be happy.

IT'S A NO BRAINER BUT LOOK WHO IS IN CHARGE.....Voice your objections to your local politican after all it's your future and your children and grand childrens future that are affecting.
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Post by greg » Mon Sep 22, 2008 6:58 pm

Gidday Duane
I have found that the people who make the discisions are not the ones who know anything about it. The people who don't get a look in.


Shirley Henderson
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Post by Shirley Henderson » Mon Sep 22, 2008 8:07 pm

You are right Greg sadly the people making the decisions either do not know or do not care. In government they may just pretend to care but everything that happens will go down in history. I write letters to the government and get responses that do not even address the issues I am putting forward. If you ask them to protect the old growth forests they will say something like we we are planning to do that. Or we are having discussions about doing that or we are protecting some reserve down the road there. They must think NOTHING will make us happy!
THEY JUST DONT GET THAT WE WANT THEM TO PROTECT OLD GROWTH FORESTS! It seems my voice is not important to the government or I am not smart enough to listen to or what I want for this country does not matter one little bit but I am a citizen, I pay my taxes, I work hard to protect and preserve the environment, I give work voluntarily to my community, I am raising children, I VOTE! I am appauled at the leadership in this country, their ignorance and their outright neglect of the real issues about water and sustaining this wonderful land naturally. OLD GROWTH FOREST ARE VALUABLE NATURAL ASSETS, THEY NEED TO BE PRESERVED AS ONE OF THE FEW REMAINING LESSONS OF THE NATURAL ENVIRONMENT AND THE CYCLES OF LIFE!
When the the early aboriginals in Australia lost their old ancestors through slaughter and the invasion of Europeans they lost much of their history, ancient understanding and the stories that sustained them through word of mouth passed down through generations. If we allow the old growth forests to wittle away we too will lose the very thing that can teach us. If that happens I wonder what kind of country we will have left. Land managed souly by governments and business for employment and profit. What will be left of the Spirit of Australia then. Old Growth Forest could become legend and some may wonder if they ever existed at all. I do not want that for our future so our leaders need to start acting RIGHT NOW TO PRESERVE, PROTECT AND REDISCOVER THIS LAND AS PETER ANDREWS HAS DONE. They seem to have selective hearing. GOOD LEADERS LISTEN, GOOD LEADERS ACT AND GOOD LEADERS MAKE GOOD DECISIONS. SADLY, I AM ASHAMED OF OUR LEADERS FOR NEGLECTING TO ACT RESPONSIBLY. THEY NEED TO FIX THIS COUNTRY BEFORE TRYING TO FIT IN WITH THE REST OF THE WORLD. LEAD THE WAY INSTEAD OF SEARCHING FOR ANSWERS ALL OVER THE WORLD LOOK TO THE VERY COUNTRY THEY ARE NEGLECTING!

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Post by duane » Wed Sep 24, 2008 8:20 pm


You are a quick learner!

I agree with everything you have said.

I cannot believe the ineptitude of the people in power....they surround themselves with so called experts, many of whom, think they know it all, but often they too are as badly informed as the advice they give their political masters.

We should be able to hold all of them to account....and not just at the next time an election comes about.

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