What do you think of this as a New Australia ??

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What do you think of this as a New Australia ??

Post by webmaster » Thu May 07, 2015 3:39 pm

What do you think of this as a New Australia ??

Everyone be regarded as being intrinsically good, doing what they do best.

Each community take care of their own.

There are very few places in Australia with less than four hundred millimetres of rain each year.

All dead plants and animals to be used to make more soil, purposefully.

Local water availability and climate is the result of MORE and MORE new soil, food and vegetation, locally

Everyone living, to grow as much plant and animal material as they can, as they too live.

Everything being regarded as family/community owned together.

Modern day Agriculture be regarded as an industrial process that mines the soil and water where ever applied to land and water systems (ecosystems).

Farming using natural processes, be regarded as a way of increasing our natural resources where we live with a surplus over for others living as ecosystem.

Industry be regarded, as being in the home.

Government be abolished.

Political Parties be abolished.

Governed states be abolished.

Government funding be abolished.

One Parliament that makes no decisions, only to be increased in size as a house of speech by an elected independent representative for every electorate. PLUS an appointed representative for each electorate -- as a woman for every man elected and a man for every woman elected. All with five year rolling terms so that no one is ever coinciding with another, ungoverned with FREE SPEECH.

People don’t have FREE CHOICE unless they realise that they have an ecological role to play, Nature is in charge.

Nature is what happens without human intervention, this and only this is L O R E.

The person that does the job make the decisions, and receives the result, is L O R E.

Nature builds no maintenance eco-structure, people build high maintenance infrastructure.

‘The Commons’ be re-established in every community, as an individual community based food and fibre creative centre.

Peter Andrews become chief community advisor on land and water.

(Peter Andrews is not a genius, but he sure makes everyone else seem incredibly dopy).

The loss of bureaucracy, governmental, industrial, commercial, academic and religious will support the introduction of Natural Sequence Farming across the Australian continent to hydrate and vegetate the man made dysfunctional ecosystem.

Professor Stewart Hill to become chief teacher in Australia.

Every skilled person be ‘given’ a FREE apprentice and or a partner from any community, so human skills are not lost.

Compulsory education be replaced by ‘self-education’, based upon the interests of the student.

Schools, libraries and universities as ‘font of knowledge’ become independent, self-funded, Information FREE learning centres. Extinction awaits those who cannot.

Only women themselves alone decide when, where and with whom, they make babies.

All children to be community reared and trained.

Men and women together to do what men and women ‘can do’ best and enjoy living together.

All violent people moved to an island oasis in a large desert and support themselves FREE in the wild, until calm and responsible to themselves.

All court systems be health diagnostic systems, first.

All committees be abolished.

Every community be self-organising, independent and self-supporting.

The notion of enclosure be abolished.

All Natural resources be regarded as FREE resources.

Development applications be abolished.

All institutions be abolished.

Licences be abolished.

Every Australian be ‘given’ five acres, as birth right, anywhere they chose to live, with the right to build their own home, business and farm where ever they chose, in partnership with others. Swap if they wish to move.

All infrastructure be built as covered water tanks with people spaces in side, and food growing as plant and animal material on the outside.

Everyone be regarded as ‘self-employed’ and sole trader anywhere they chose.

Every man-made landscape be self-supporting, as are functional landscapes that are self-supporting.

Every organisation be self-funded and independent by growing and making everything they wish for, and ‘barter’ the surplus over the ‘net’.

Independent, individual, community based Credit Unions replace banks.

Export of natural resources be abolished. Only what people make with their own hands to be traded anywhere.

All human knowledge be FREE knowledge.

Every community become independent and self-sufficient in all things.

Everyone learn as a child to be ‘steward’ of species, soil and water.

All farm animals to become ‘wild life’ and FREE to be themselves, over all the Australian continent.

Stockmen families as stewards become nomadic, living with and naturally increasing ‘wildlife’ and food plants with mobile modern conveniences.

All plant species to be regarded as the most intelligent species, insect species as the professors.

All people to learn (self-educate) from Nature as Science, and only learn human art and music from people.

Local earth worms to be the only waste collectors and accumulators of soil, vegetation and water.

Earth be regarded as the only reservoir of natural resources, locally.

Money having no value to anyone any more.

L O R E (the natural phenomena of what Nature is doing, working) be LAW as minds evolve further.

Parliament may discuss these matters publicly, videoed on the ‘net’, as the wider community makes their own independent decisions about whatever is discussed, as they also become ‘self-employed’ in their own individual lives.


Paul Newell
The Forum for Peter Andrew's Natural Sequence Farming

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