Once again we hear how powerful the bureaucratic forces are

Please feel free to ask questions or make any comments concerning the content of this program.
Peter is the only person ever to have 4 ABC Australian Stories and the previous 2 broke all records.

This tells us that Australians are interested in NSF and want to know more about it.

Our forum is your chance to do that. Some of those who know much about NSF may respond to your posts so please take part in this discussion.

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Once again we hear how powerful the bureaucratic forces are

Post by webmaster » Mon Jul 06, 2009 8:37 pm

Once again we hear how powerful the bureaucratic forces are.

With lots of luck and lots of help, maybe at least we will break through this powerful barrier which is costing me and you, your friends and family and ultimately our beautiful country.

Lets all pitch in and help it along.

Contact everyone you know to get it moving.

Thank you to all of those already helping and to those who may start now.

Lonnie Lee
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Post by duane » Tue Jul 07, 2009 3:43 pm

Here is some of the feedback from the ABC's Guestbook from the 2005 Australian Story
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Name Bev Coppack
Subject admiration for Peter Andrews
Visit Time 26/06/2005 4:38 PM
Remark Peter Andrews does deserve to be a candidate for Australian of the Year. He has had the guts to keep on going to present to the Government a solution to droughts and thus affect all Australians. I would just like to be able to give him a big hug and thank him for doing something big for the environment.

Name Merv Stewart
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 23/06/2005 2:01 PM
Remark Thank you Australian Story, thank you John Ryan. You have both contributed to alerting Australia to the work of a great man, Peter Andrews.
I watched the first episode and was amazed at the courage and perseverance of Peter's quest to bring about change and the conviction to the task he showed, to put everything he loved dearly at risk, truly spoke volumes about a great Australian.
Episode 2 reinforced even greater what personal sacrifices he endured, but thanks to others associated with him, he looks as though he has finally got support. Truly a candidate for Australian of the Year. Congratulations Peter, keep up the good work.

Name Janeen
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 22/06/2005 1:28 PM
Remark I feel so inept when it comes to things agricultural. I do however own one acre of land and feel that I am responsible for its development. I was fascinated by the show. How do I, with no knowledge, turn my little bit of soil into something my grandchildren will cherish? I live in an subdivision south of Brisbane. All around me are one acre and five acre blocks. How do people who live so close to each other care for the whole of the subdivision so that it is a community emphasis rather than a fenced off "I'll do it my way" approach? I have been inspired to look closer at my little land and hopefully turn it into something fruitful. It still amazes me that Australians do not grasp that we are living in an arid country and yet we are the greatest exporters of fresh water.

Name Billy Chan
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 21/06/2005 3:31 AM
Remark It was absolutely wonderful to see the exposure of Peter's 'natural sequence farming' successes - (well done AS) - a philosophy that bears remarkable similarities to a method of water conservation used by Paul Totterdell of 'Sustainable Organic Solutions' and delivered by 'Clearwater Environmental Design' based in Canberra - establishing water harvesting solutions for urban Australia - domestic and commercial - the Orana School in Belconnen ACT is a strikingly efficient though amazingly simple recent example of water use that should be considered mandatory - a must see for all development and planning agencies and authorities.

Name Billy Chan
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 21/06/2005 3:29 AM
Remark It was absolutely wonderful to see the exposure of Peter's 'natural sequence farming' successes - (well done AS) - a philosophy that bears remarkable similarities to a method of water conservation used by Paul Totterdell of 'Sustainable Organic Solutions' and delivered by 'Clearwater Environmental Design' based in Canberra - establishing water harvesting solutions for urban Australia - domestic and commercial - the Orana School in Belconnen ACT is a strikingly efficient though amazingly simple recent example of water use that should be considered mandatory - a must see for all development and planning agencies and authorities.

Name Paul Paul
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 20/06/2005 7:33 PM
Remark Full marks to Peter Andrews. I know exactly what he went through. I once used five hundred tonnes of mulch in my garden and the council did not approve. And I would like to point out that Peter is not the only genius of agriculture that this country has produced and ignored. There is Bill mollison's vision of 'Permaculture', and then the great works 'The City Forest' and 'Keyline. Water for Every Farm', by Mr. P.A. Yeomans. This is a masterpiece and this knowledge should be applied to the whole planet. It is everything that Peter does and I think it goes even a little further. The late Mr. Yeomans designed his land and contoured it to catch every single drop of rain and ensure it goes into the ground and any excess water is stored instead of being allowed to run off. This raises the ground water, so creeks end up being fed by spring water and lasting longer instead of being just rain off water and only lasting for the duration of the rain. Keyline is exceedingly clever and efficient and I can not rave about reading this book enough. I just wish I had some land to practice it on. You can also read the 'The One Straw Revolution', by Masanobu Fukuoka. This book is the perfect companion to 'Keyline'. Design your land by 'Keyline' and then apply the principles of 'The One Straw Revolution' and you have it. There are no excuses. The truth really is out there. You only need these three books, you can find them on the net, and we can farm and forest the world in a generation. Read these books please everybody and you'll look at the land in a different way. Paul

Name Barbara
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 20/06/2005 5:26 PM
Remark I read the brief of the first part on the Australian Story website before the program aired and couldn't wait to see it!
Whilst watching the 2nd part I couldn't stop cring......this guy has lost so much, his family has also suffered and for so long, no-one listened to him!
Thank goodness some sanity has finally prevailed and Peter is being listened to!
We may now be hopeful about our children's future's in this great land.
Australian of the Year for sure......at least!!
Wishing you and all your family much peace and success

Name Colin Edwards
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 20/06/2005 5:05 PM
Remark This is an inspiring story. The techniques Peter has evolved to control water runoff reminds me of the Keyline Plan developed in the 1950's by P A Yeomans. Although the latter technique is more complex and requires engineering skills, both methods are designed to develop a rich organic top soil layer, and preserve rainfall runoff where it is most useful. Yeomans' techniques are available through Ken Yeomans' consulting group.

Name Mary
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 20/06/2005 3:22 PM
Remark Thank you Peter for sharing your story. You are an inspiration to us all and may you succeed in getting the attention of the powers that be, so we can properly address the devastating problem of land and water degradation.

Name Dale Brookes
Subject Of droughts and Flooding rains
Visit Time 20/06/2005 2:19 PM
Remark During 1987 I was living in Wellington NSW. We had 2 floods one in April and one in August of that year. Now in 2005 the drought has caught up with the town and surrounds. My daughter's in-laws live at Dripstone just 12kms from Wellington and they have a creek running through their 850acres in need of attention. Peter's ideas seem to be the answer and it will be a challenge for my son-in-law's father to implement these changes, without help. I support Peter's ideas to the fullest and will definitely spread the word. Thankyou to the answer to salinity and erosion of our most precious land. I could only have wished for Peter to visit Dripstone and Offer his ideas in person.

Name Linda Hanlon
Subject Planting Willows in Peters story
Visit Time 20/06/2005 11:30 AM
Remark After spending 12 months of a 3 year contract to remove willows from the Hawkesbury Nepean River. I am really concerned that a native wasn't chosen to do the job that the willows were doing. Some of the trees we treat have fallen into the river and then kept growing with branches shooting upright they will eventually block the channel and will do as yet unknown damage. Surely a Melaleuca could do the same job.

Name Tom Healy
Subject Peter Andrews: Guru
Visit Time 20/06/2005 10:44 AM
Remark Well done Peter. I liked your work.Your knowledge of the land and knowing and proving how water works is a gift. I would now like this to go a step further and model your farm with the USA Dept of Agriculture computer model WEPP (water erosion prediction project)that I adapted for Australian conditions in the Williams River Catchment Hunter Region NSW as part of my final year project to gain my degree in Environmental Engineering at the University of Newcastle NSW.


Tom Healy B.E

Name Sophie Norton-Smith
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 20/06/2005 9:58 AM
Remark A heartfelt thank you Peter - the path you have chosen to follow has obviously been a very tough one and I applaud you for your dedication to it, particularly when it has quite obviously come at great personal expense to you. It is such an incredibly inspiring and hopefilled venture for Australia as a whole. I truly hope you feel that your efforts are being recognised now and you gain satisfaction and a sense of achievement for your efforts to date - even though the journey is not yet complete.

Also to your family - they have borne a lot along the way and I want to acknowledge that. Good wishes and many thanks to them too.

I hope many more of us will stand beside you now Peter and keep this moving forwards. May your dreams be realised!

Name maurice franklin
Subject peter andrews
Visit Time 19/06/2005 10:06 PM
Remark thank you peter thank you abc. You have reinspired me.

Name Julie Perrim
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 19/06/2005 9:07 PM
Remark I watched the story about Peter Andrews recently with great interest and wonder why the powers that be do not take note of the achievements of Peter Andrews and adopt his methods to heal our land.

Name Brad
Subject Peter andrews
Visit Time 19/06/2005 5:26 PM
Remark After watching the Australian Story I realised I had wasted years at agricultural school. I have grown up on a cattle farm and been taught at school the complete opposite to what Peter Andrews told us all. All our creeks had all the willows pulled out over the years with grants from the government telling us this would improve the creek and water quality. As a family we took photos down to the creek after watching the story and realised how much damage there was.Water quality is starting to go salty and there is no wild life at all. Photos showed a running creek and this was taken in summer with no substantial rain or run off. Wildlife looks to be everyywhere. The aerial shoots taken on australian story made my father and grandfather realise we can fix this problem we have created. So to Peter Andrews a true australian for making a traditional farming family realise that we can fix this problem. I hope Peter Andrews can get articles published for agricultural schools so other young farmers can see they can make a difference.

Name L.P. QLD
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 19/06/2005 4:36 PM
Remark Many thanks for your perseverence against all odds. I hope all Rural and Urban Australians listen and copy Peters' methods.It is the only way for our childrens future. We only have 8 acres, and are trying to conserve water and soil with similar methods. It's like with voting - it needs all the ordinary people to do something themselves, instead of relying on beaurocrats, who are usually all theory & experimental, instead of using commonsense. Remember how beavers work - "nature knows best".
Hope you have a more peaceful life, knowing some people will follow these ideas and make a difference.

Name Ronda Herrmann of Lowood Qld
Subject Andrews, common sense and conservation.
Visit Time 19/06/2005 2:53 PM
Remark Somehow we have to convince "conservationists" throughout Australia that it is NOT OKAY to plant trees in natural water-seepage areas unless there is worsening erosion.
I have argued for thirty years that to plant trees that suck up surface water only encourages salt to come to the top. If you think Peter Andrews had trouble getting people to listen, you should try being a female with his ideas!

Name John Tate. Shoalhaven Riverwatch Inc
Subject Peter Andrews - An environmental leader.
Visit Time 19/06/2005 11:12 AM
Remark Peter,
On behalf of Riverwatch I just want to add to the 1000s of emails you have received on your excellent environmental work shown on ABC Australian Story.
People like yourself are an inspiration and help to keep up the spirit of the many environmental volunteers who are also doing work a little bit differently to the stand taking by the various government departments. Fortunately, we are now seeing a turn around in the attitude by State & Federal government departments. I would encourage you to submit an article to the Australian Landcare magazine to continue to spread your excellent work. (www.australianlandcaremagazine.com.au).

Well done ABC. Keep up the good work.

Name John Evans
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 19/06/2005 9:09 AM
Remark Your two-part series on Peter Andrews was the most interesting show seen for some time.
Sadly, even after proving that his ideas are viable,the bureaucrats still do not seem to be convinced. If it doesn't make money in the short term then it is disregarded. It is encouraging to see a man, against all odds,stand up for his convictions

Name Dave Cooper
Subject Peter Andrews - Fantastic
Visit Time 18/06/2005 11:49 PM
Remark Truly inspirational. You have made my day. I just wish I could afford to take my Biology students to witness some of your efforts and successes.

Name julie Stokes
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 18/06/2005 11:35 PM
Remark Here is another example of Government being too slow to respond to basics of our country.Good on you Harvey Norman,Mr Pratt for backing this amazing man Peter Andrews somehow I don't think you will be disappointed.
I feel ashamed as an Australian that this man went unrecognised for so long.
Ps. Are these programs for sale?

Name mick copas
Subject Going against the tide
Visit Time 18/06/2005 9:00 PM
Remark It takes a lot of guts to go against the the flow of the river keep up the good work
you are influencing the next generation.

Name Ron Morgan
Subject Peter Andrew's
Visit Time 18/06/2005 8:54 PM
Remark Peter Andrews practical vision is most likely to have profound effects upon this country over the coming generations - if he is listened to and not demeaned for not having a degree or a PHD etc.

Great breakthroughs are often made by people who are not constrained by some dogma or other, be it religious or scientific, in other words outside the supposed authority on a subject (the Wright brothers being a case in point with respect to flight).

Give this man an honorary doctorate, give his voice as much authority as possible, give him an AO or an OA or anything to ensure that he is heard and his vision implemented.

Name Roger Wickham
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 18/06/2005 2:01 PM
Remark Firstly, thanks to Australian Story for bringing this critically-important story to the public. You do make the best TV on free-to-air.

Secondly, I ride my motorcycle all over this great country and despair at the unrelenting broadacre clearing and farming of water-intensive crops with heavy chemical use in low rainfall areas where chemicals were previously unknown. So I hope the critical expertise which Peter possesses is recorded, so as not to die with him.

Thank God for people like him who are prepared to accept the consequences of dealing with those who for divers reasons will not see.

Name Tom Potts
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 18/06/2005 1:30 PM
Remark Now here is a bloke who deserves a medal and has my utmost respect. Congratulations Peter, and bugger those against you.(thankyou Jerry Harvey, another great Aussie)

Name David Tongway
Subject Peter Andrews Triumph
Visit Time 18/06/2005 1:28 PM
Remark I am a retired Landscape Ecologist, having had 38-year career with CSIRO. With colleagues, I developed an easy to use method for assessing "soil health", called landscape function analysis (LFA) and a more comprehensive version called ecosystem function analysis (EFA). At any time in the last 20 years, this procedure could have been used to show that Peter Andrews was doing the right thing. We have a comprehensive list of international publications supporting both the underlying science and the procedure as such. I am disappointed but not surprised that enquiries to CSIRO did not look for an input to the program from me. The procedure uses mostly visually assessed indicators and can be done by anyone interested. A manual enabling the reader to use the method is available from Fiona McFarlane at CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems in Brisbane. There is also a website: http://www.cse.csiro.au/research/efa/
In my retirement, I give training courses to anyone interested. The prodcedure has been used from sandy deserts to tropical rain forest and landuses including rangelands, mined lands, remnant woodlands and native gardens in New Guinea.

Name Joanne Waring
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 18/06/2005 1:18 PM
Remark Bless You Peter.
I am a mother of an 18 year old Son & 17 year old Daughter. I have had the good fortune to have a Father who has shown me our beautiful countryside which has given me a thirst for information on what is happening to it.
Thanks to people like you, this land may still be beautiful for my children's children to enjoy and appreciate.

I'm so glad to see that those in control of this land are finally listening to real people like you, who are in love with this land...and taking on their advice so we don't end up with a desert oasis.

I know you have lost for your cause, but I wish you to know that we have all gained from your bravery! I am not a religious person, but I think YOU are a gift from Heaven.

Name K. Bishop
Subject A good man
Visit Time 18/06/2005 1:15 PM
Remark Peter, you are a man to be admired for your wonderful heart. What a hard road you have travelled. Your true friends and family should also be recognised for their sacrifices and faith. Thankfully we have the ABC to bring us what we all need to see and hear. As Gerry Harvey said our Environment is the most important issue today - the Government needs to wake up and take note, and we all need to show our support.

Name Bill Duffield
Subject Peter Andrews - Succes against drought
Visit Time 18/06/2005 10:17 AM
Remark Congratulations, Peter, on your success on managing a couple of properties back to healthy biodiversity. After watching your story I realised that some of the techniques that you have utilised are part of Bill Mollison's theory of permaculture. The theory of permaculture has be written into a text by Bill Mollison and is called "Permaculture - A Designers Manual". I also believe that many of these theories are based on Indigenous values and beliefs, which include respecting the natural system and carrying out techniques to enhance the biodiversity of the land.
What you have achieved is legendary and we must continue to put it into practice, as a society, in order to survive.

Subject peter andrews NSF
Visit Time 18/06/2005 12:07 AM
Remark Well done producer Wendy Page. The shows have resurrected hope for ordinary Australians that a problem thought unfixable can be solved easily, cheaply and quickly. After 10 years doing stories on Peter's work for I know how difficult it is to get the message across.
Some people wanted more technical information but that can't be encompassed in one hour, not to mention the fact Australian story isn't meant to do the job of Landline.
It's a subject that could fill many volumes.
Another problem with its application is the fact it's an intuitive thing, if you don't have the 'feel' for the landscape you're never going to get it, like art or music.
I see some people have tried to let us know there's nothing new here and that lots of people in various departments are promoting this kind of thing. Unfortunately for your attempt at rewriting history I have reams of interviews and written responses from departmental bureaucrats which show this isn't so, that departments don't have the 'resources or imagination' to research and implement the strategy but it has amused me over the years to see many of Peter's once heretical ideas become adopted by various salinity committees and repackaged to look like their own.
Others have said NFS isn't a panacea. The point here is that Peter uses an holistic framework and the rules change as the conditions of the landscape change. I have seen startling results on all types of properties and no, you don't need a creek running through your place, that just happens to be the case at Bylong and Gerry Harvey's property.
For years I have lobbied every politician, bureaucrat and high profile media person I could think of to push this concept. Many politicians were receptive but as soon as they got advice from their 'people' they believed Pete was a nutter and their eyes would glaze over. Few have helped.
Federal ALP MP John Murphy wrote a letter to premier Bob Carr in 2000 advising him to implement NSF throughout the state of NSW. Independent federal MP Peter Andren arranged meetings with ministers for Pete to push his ideas. Former Parkes Nationals MP Tony Lawler also arranged ministerial meetings. But it was deputy PM John Anderson, who's copped a lot of flak for dragging the chain, who in fact is the one who against decades of professional advice risked his reputation by sending a CSIRO taskforce to Bylong. He then gave up a rare Saturday with his family to attend our field day three years ago and from that day he's promoted the concept vigorously. Like most people who are involved I believe things should move much more quickly so it's important politicians are lobbied about this issue so they feel confident enough to give it priority. And remember, the federal government provides most of the money for land care work, but it's the state government which conjures up all the rules and regulations.
There are an enormous amount of obstacles in the path of widespread adoption of NSF. There's no money in it in the short term for big companies, but it has the potential to let our kids keep our living standards and not plummet to those of a third world country which will be the case if our land continues to degrade. Chemical companies will lobby vigourously to prevent NSF as it would decimate their markets. I've been told on good authority that one chemical company has between 150 and 200 fulltime lobbyists in Washington DC alone so the behind the scenes machinations will be interesting to say the least. There's also a huge amount of money being spent on engineering solutions to salinity. Where Pete would set up a low cost bank and have two streams of water hitting each other to create a venturi effect and take the power out of the flow 'naturally', an engineering company might use a million dollars of taxpayers' money to build a huge concrete structure. There's also the kilometres of channels being dug across the nation which most people who viewed the program would now regard as an incredible practice. But, there's huge money involved in digging those channels and a fair few reputations on the line.
This has been a major problem all the time. If Pete was right, it would have meant all these scientists and bureaucrats were wrong, and the public may have started to wonder why they were being paid to do the wrong thing.
John Howard is on the record as saying it will cost $60 billion to fix the salinity problem. How could he possibly come to this figure when he doesn't even know how to fix it. But I bet all the big engineering firms would have rubbed their hands with glee and begun scheming how to get the biggest possible slice of those billions.
Field Days: they will be happening but the response to the shows has been so overwhelming it's caught everyone off guard.
A 100 page background information pack will hopefully be posted on the website in the next couple of weeks. It contains some technical data, a lot of overview stuff and newspaper articles.

Name Steve Black
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 17/06/2005 10:43 PM
Remark Just did a count back, over 200 comments, all positive (except towards those who resisted Peter) showing the importance of this story to Australians. Well done Peter, ABC, and you viewers. There is compelling evidence for a major change to our political landscape.

May Is suggest we all nominate Peter for the Landcare awards? http://www.abc.net.au/news/newsitems/20 ... 377665.htm

Name brian jackson
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 17/06/2005 8:14 PM
Remark Peter must have "apprentices" so that his knowledge is passed from his generation to the next

Name graham arnold
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 17/06/2005 6:20 PM
Remark Finally recognition for all those years of struggle.

Doors and minds have started to open.

We are indeed the lucky country to have you Peter.

Many congratulations.

Name Glenn Manga
Subject Peter Andrews, Ecological Economics and NSF
Visit Time 17/06/2005 12:44 AM
Remark Enormous thanks must go to Peter Andrews for maintaining such a visionary effort despite extreme self-sacrifice and hardship. It is very inspiring to finally see someone (despite all the obstacles), find a way forward in terms of sustainable development and wise use of water, and in most remarkably being able to rescue land that has partially succumbed to salination.

We are all hoping that this remarkable effort can be replicated in other areas, and that it becomes a common component of the practice of ecological economics in this country. (As opposed to the dysfunctional path of selling water rights to the highest bidders such as cotton farmers or international gold mining companies for their cyanide leaching processes). Privatisation and selling of water rights must take a back seat to what is required for the local ecology and sustainable ecological economic practice for our long-term future. Many others and I would like to see regular updates on Peter Andrews work, and the progress in the adoption of Natural Sequence Farming in Australia. So thank you too to ABC and we look forward to more.

And thanks to Gerry Harvey and Richard Pratt too for doing what the government should be doing.

(PS Could you please repeat parts one and two again together as one episode soon for those of us who missed part one!)

Name Shayne Palmer
Subject Congratulations Peter
Visit Time 16/06/2005 11:40 PM
Remark After watching Australian Story I could see exactly what you are trying to achieve. You are right in what you are doing. I really hope that your efforts are shared with farmers and councils right across Australia. We must learn to "live" with the land rather than trying to "Tame" it. Life can only survive with water and that means restoring our waterways. Good luck in the future. we need people like you!

Name Sheila Newman
Subject Closed systems
Visit Time 16/06/2005 8:12 PM
Remark Hi,
My viewing of the program about this magnificent man was interrupted but my impression was that he was working on a closed system, which means no external trade.

I think this is what we have to do, but I don't think that any of our politicians or the industries currently involved in agriculture and water 'industry' will allow us to do what we need to rehabilitate this land.

Sheila N

Name Sandra Heuston
Subject Of Drouhghts and Flooding Rains
Visit Time 16/06/2005 7:56 PM
Remark I applaud you Peter Andrews for having the courage of your convictions. Your contributions to restoring part of the Australian landscape will be a wonderful legacy to yourself and to those indigenous people who taught you how to read the land.

Name Louise Skidmore & Randolf Olsen
Subject of droughts and flooding rains
Visit Time 16/06/2005 6:28 PM
Remark Excellent two part program showing Peter's approach.
However, he is not alone! We have been using this approach to land reparation/rehabilitation on Darling Downs black soil floodplain since 1986 - and with similar results. We too have been ostracised - mostly for being certified organic since 1992, but also for our unorthodox weed control. (He who laughs last....our property is looking pretty good considering we are in drought!)
Until we get younger farmers around here with more holistic approach it will be a while before farms are managed to keep water rather than hurry it up off the farm, taking the topsoil with it. Louise

Name Bruce Munday
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 16/06/2005 4:45 PM
Remark The Cooperative Research Centre Salinity publishes a bi-annual magazine titled SALT, each edition of which features case studies of Australian farmers telling their own story of how they are dealing with salinity on their farm.

The most recent edition (Issue 12) will be mailed to subscribers (free) next Tuesday (21 June) and once again it features 8 new case studies, each with an accompanying Science-behind-the-story column.

Whilst all of these case studies have elements in common, particularly the enthusiasm and determination of the farmers, they also all show that there is no single solution to salinity – there is great variation in the climate, hydrogeology and agricultural enterprises across the Australian landscape.

Issue 12 of SALT magazine is now on the CRC’s website.www.crcsalinity.com along with previous editions and a subscription form if you would like to be on the mailing list.

Name Paul - The Steward
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 16/06/2005 2:34 PM
Remark I feel absolutely ashamed of myself and every other Australian because we have allowed our "dopey" rules and regulations that apply to the functions of nature and mankind, to take away "the naturalised" Tarwyn Valley and its 30 years of landscape stored research data, from Peter Andrews and thus induce his derelict state.

How could we do such a deplorable thing?

But then what do humans normally do to anyone who "shows" an advancement in human thinking (Gallileo, Martin Luther, Mandela, etc.).

Exactly what we all have done to Peter Andrews. Systematically remove them from society!

I vote we, each and every Australian, "give back" the now back-sliding "normalising" Tarwyn Valley to Peter Andrews so he can continue his work to benefit himself, his family and all Australians, individually - today! Unless this happems, Peter's intense thoughts and practices of nature will not be available to benefit the common man. Without that which is "lost" to him and us (a 30 year old working model), implementation/education/training/further development in these established principles across the continent cannot happen!

The natural landscape's retention mechanisms of hydration and the natural "re-storing" of carbon and moisture regimes throughout our continent are not even allowed by our human regulatory systems - how dopey is that?

Nor do those regulatory systems even imagine the possibility of such a science that could help. Yet these bureaucratic systems feel qualified to control communities from the top rather than facilitate the activities of nature and mankind at the bottom.

A change in policy, not people, is called for here!

The only people who believe in this science are those who are experiencing it, and the folk who understand this natural technology, are those living their natural lives, functioning as the technology.

Another thing we can all do to help Peter Andrews and ourselves directly, is to register and take part in, the Natural Sequence Farming tri-level education/training, national programme, each to the level of individual capacity, urban and rural.

Realise that it is "we" who are"they" that have resisted the uptake of this complimentary science.

Also become aware that the recognised problems in our landscape are, after, only human!

Name John Polglase
Subject Of Droughts and Flooding Rains
Visit Time 16/06/2005 2:28 PM
Remark Thank you so very much for publicly-airing such vital information. However, your Story is really an old one with an old cast: there is the persecuted prophet with a few faithful supporters; there are the fearful opponents - production-centric agri business and reputation-centric scientists; and last but not least, there is the weak and ineffective government.

Name Elspeth Maconachie
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 16/06/2005 1:43 PM
Remark I made a point of watching AS hoping for something interesting. It was a revelation and made me keen to show my support for finding ways of waking up the rest of us to such uncommon common sense.

Name Rob Hockings
Subject Of droughts and flooding rains
Visit Time 16/06/2005 1:26 PM
Remark To Peter, what an inspiration !!

My wife and I just bought a new property that had creek flats and lush grass. An oasis given the surrounding area (dry and dusty). The property has been substantially untouched but grazed constantly - and the pasture was still lush. After seeing Australian Story (Parts 1 And 2) we looked at all the photographs we had taken and to our astonishment Peter was reinstating what nature had created on our new property. A real wakeup call - we need to now retain this valuable resource and not undo mother nature. This will keep the property viable. To Peter my sincere thanks for your persistance and sacrifice. To State and Federal Governments - Peter's ideas and concepts need to be retained and taught. He also needs to be acknowledged for his efforts and contribution. To his supporters - my thanks for sticking with Peter and helping him bring this information to all of us. To the ABC - a job well done !

Name Ross Anderson
Subject Peter Andrew
Visit Time 16/06/2005 11:11 AM
Remark Good on Peter for keeping on with his mission, it looks like a revolutionary approach. Its a real pity though, that for someone so intent on getting his ideas out there that the ABC provided little technical information on the practices that he promotes. Only on the ABC website have I found sources of information that allow me to learn about the system that Peter has spent his life trying to getout into the public arena. Com'on ABC help circulate the details..

Name Lesley Provan
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 16/06/2005 10:25 AM
Remark Fabulous story. I know what it feels like for people to think you crazy. My family did because I put all my money into setting up an environmental education organisation. We are now ready to provide this valuable resource to school kids and they need to be taught Peter's stuff, it is so valuable. Well done, finally someone else is proving that we need to work with nature, not change it.

Name Joanne Bosworth
Subject Of Droughts and Flooding Rains Part 1&2
Visit Time 16/06/2005 8:11 AM
Remark Peter Andrews should be congratulated for not giving up and for finally getting recognition for a major problem that is so easily fixed! It was fantastic to see Peter so committed to this and continue in his belief. There should be more of us like him.
Just Brilliant and good on you, about time.

Name James Davidson
Subject Peter Andrews' work
Visit Time 16/06/2005 12:17 AM
Remark Very encouraging stuff. The ideas that Peter Andrews is attempting to promulgate deserve the full backing of the government, agricultural authorities, etc.. I just hope they act sooner rather than it being a case of 'too late'.

Peter's success in soil and water management is surely a vindication of the art of knowing how to read the land, and having respect for natural systems and biodiversity. I was fascinated by the fact that Peter, as a lad, spent time with Aboriginal stockmen who taught him how they saw the land (as brought out in your first Austory segment of On Droughts and Flooding Rains). Whilst I certainly do not begrudge Peter the praise that he so rightly deserves, part of the credit, I feel, should have gone to the indigenous people of this country, whose contibution is too often overlooked.
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Post by duane » Tue Jul 07, 2009 3:47 pm

Name Kaye Black
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 15/06/2005 10:12 PM
Remark Peter, you are an inspiration. Please, please don't give up - we all need you. To all governments, please stop your politics and recognise that this is bigger than all of us. We need action NOW.
I have registered my interest in NSF as a producer but can we have more information via videos, field days or followup programs. Congratulations to Australian Story, absolutely top class!

Name april at permaculturevisions.com
Subject excellent show
Visit Time 15/06/2005 2:24 PM
Remark Having worked in permaculture now for 12 years,
i now first hand how hard it is to try new ideas, even though we have seen wonderful results on other people's property and i really commend Peter and his family for sharing the honest hardship that comes from being modern pioneers.

Name Lyn Noon
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 15/06/2005 2:20 PM
Remark What a great story. I thoroughly enjoyed both episodes and thanks to the ABC. There should be more programs on television addressing basic issues on how to protect our land. If we want to save our land, and in turn our culture, we have to look after our country. I live in the city and see a terrible wastage of water, on a daily basis. If our Governments are going to back Peter's ideas, then they should seriously look at what short sighted city dwellers are doing and start educating children and adults that water is not a bottomless pit.

Name Stewart Warner
Visit Time 15/06/2005 1:37 PM
Remark GOOD ON U PETER!!!!!
Finally theres someone who is willing to put his love of the land and future of his country before his pocket. The government should be behind people like Andrew 100% of the way in my opinion. It is a shame that environmental students have wade through loads of hogwash created by corporations about environmental threats and change.This is the type of solution that uni students should be engaged with!!! Peter is showing us ALL the way!!!

Name Jocelyn
Subject Peter Andrews, Australian Story
Visit Time 15/06/2005 12:34 PM
Remark What a truly inspirating story of ultimate vindication, in particular after decades of personal commitment and perseverance, along with family sacrifice and loss.

Peter Andrews has a vision for outback Australia; his family has the biggest heart; and ABC has the courage to tackle a controversial topic head-on. Thank you very much to you all!

Name Jenny
Subject Peter Andrews and Australian Story
Visit Time 15/06/2005 12:23 PM
Remark What a fabulous 'Australian Story'. More power to Peter Andrews and his land care methods. The obvious sadness he and his family have experienced was upsetting, but that they have found a way through that was good to see.
I hope Australian Story can keep bringing us these inspiring tales. Frankly, I don't care if I never see another word on Ivan Milat and his ilk. Australian Story should focus on the people that lift us up with their courage and dedication.

Name Nicole Blake
Subject Of Droughts and Flooding Plains
Visit Time 15/06/2005 11:47 AM
Remark I love watching Australian Story, it is inspirational and supportive of the little Aussie battlers. I recently enjoyed the show with Peter Andrews. Wow, what an amazing man. Without taking anything away from this very clever man, I feel an unsettling annoyance about all this. This gentleman learned what he knows as a child from the Aboriginal people of this great land. Does everyone forget they were the protectors of this land before we got here with our cow, sheep and crops? These wonderful human beings know more of the secrets of this land than we can begin to imagine. Why aren't we listening to them and people like Peter Andrews? It's our future!

Name lucy hinson
Subject heroes of the land
Visit Time 15/06/2005 10:56 AM
Remark my heart goes out to the wonderful people like peter who sacrifice all to keep thier vision. it never ceases to amaze me that when a person has an alternative way of looking at envoironment and comes up with such wonderful outcomes that there are always so many people wanting to knock them
i wish peter all the best for his future and i hope that finally the government will listen and follow through instead of just talking

Name gavin
Subject peter andrews
Visit Time 15/06/2005 9:44 AM
Remark Morning to all,

Another day has arrived and has already consumed the 3 items I need for me to survive.

They are air, water, food.

So why does this society keep the sector that does the most to providing and maintaining the availability of the above, get so little allocation of the nations wealth?

Why are farmers in such relative poverty (to urban areas?)
Any fair thinking should be this sector does not need “subsidies” but a fair economic system.

Solve this and I think the peter Andrews of this world will have a far better chance of achieving positive for the environment.


Name kelsi uechtritz
Subject family
Visit Time 15/06/2005 4:42 AM
Remark I am proud of my family. They have been so encouraging to me and my syblings. The Uechtritz family is precious to me, especially my grandparents Alf and MaryLou.

love Kelsi

Name kayla
Subject cousins
Visit Time 15/06/2005 4:35 AM
Remark my cousins are in the uechtritz family

Name Edward Brown
Subject Of Droughts and Flooding Rains
Visit Time 15/06/2005 12:03 AM
Remark My heartfelt appreciation to Peter Andrews and his family for the magnitude of the efforts he has put in to his work. In my mind he is one of only a handful of pioneers with the intuition, wisdom and skills to be able to swiftly redress some of the major environmental degradation issues that are destroying the country.
I wholeheartedly agree that Peter would be a worthy recipient of Australian of the Year!

Name Lyndal Hunter
Subject Of Droughts and Flooding Rains
Visit Time 14/06/2005 10:55 PM
Remark Thank God for Mavericks!
Peter, are you familiar with the Amazon "Terra Prata", black soil which is very fertile and biologically active and regenerates itself.
It would be worth a look.

Name Mulga Bill
Subject What about the others?
Visit Time 14/06/2005 10:22 PM
Remark Wallace and Yoemans (Water for Every Farm) have done similar things before with farming practices and water. They've been basically ignored. Their principles were similar - slow down the water flow over the land and give it time to soak in and do good.

Name tracey cowell
Subject peter andrews
Visit Time 14/06/2005 7:48 PM
Remark Peter, may I congratulate you on your passion that you have for saving our environment. You are truly one of the most inspirational people I have seen with your dedication to your dream, suffering through family tragedy and adversity to follow through with what you believe in. Thankyou so much for sharing what you and your family have gone through on Australian Story, it certainly has inspired myself and my friends.

Name Cath Eyers
Subject Peter Andrews, Austrlian Story
Visit Time 14/06/2005 7:45 PM
Remark Thankyou, for years we have been on the land and cannot believe the vendetta and hysteria to Farmers by the so call environmentalists, and green minority groups, after seeing the de-generation of the Sydney basin by the developers and townies with no consideration of the environment in development areas, finally we have been given a realist approach to water management and farming, welldone. Perhaps Sydney and other metropolitan towns could approach there problems with the same foresight and commitment as Peter Andrews has given, it has proved that majority groups have a lot to say against farming and related agriculture but cannot sustain their own impact on their own environment.

Name Janice
Subject A brilliant man
Visit Time 14/06/2005 7:36 PM
Remark With respect to the Peter Andrew's story - thank you so much Wendy and ABC - could all these emails and guestbook comments be collated and forwarded to Johnny and the boys - bypass the Min of Ag - he has known about this for over two years and how many of us struggling to regain our pastures have heard of Peter through John Anderson? He commented that he was going to re-think his farm following the results he viewed on Tarwyn but what? did he forget about it the moment he went out the gate or was it all too hard to pressure the boys to change their way of thinking and God forbid have to re-shuffle the paperwork along with the narrow minded thinking. Please everyone who is so enthusiastic in this forum and guestbook email your voice to John Howard - he does have an email address - and maybe just maybe it might seep into their tiny minds that there are people wanting to change their land for the better before it is too late!

Name Liam Fegan
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 14/06/2005 7:05 PM
Remark My wife and I agree that this was one of the most remarkable Australian stories. I have two requests...
1. Can Peter Andrew's be sent a copy of all these Guestbook entries?
2. Can the Federal Government be sent another copy?
It's clear to me that many Australians are speaking to those in authority. Get with this program Canberra and show just a little of the courage and stoicism of Peter Andrews and take your head out of this parched earth. I think that if this man is not publically recognised for his achievements then shame on us all.

Keep up the great work, Peter Andrews, Australian Story and ABC.

Name Sharon Rowe
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 14/06/2005 7:03 PM
Remark I thought this man and his family are wonderful Australians. What courage it took to go against tradition and so called experience in the land and to have a go. I was really touched by the struggles that Peter went through and would like to say that he is a fair dinkum Aussie, we should have more like him. What is it about some people that they are afraid of unconventional methods (the natural way) of redeveloping unusable land into a productive fertile land. I am a land owner, very small mind you (20 acres) and Peter's ideas were a breath of fresh air; we are inexperienced land owners and were at the mercy of the local farmers as what to do with our over weedy, bled to death of nutrients in our soil; over grazed land. We followed the advice of others due to our lack of knowledgee the use of Super and poisens to control weeds. I would like to learn more of Peters methods so I to can benefit the rewards of what he has achieved. As to the politics involved I say whoever is backing Peter, stand behind him all the way; we need people like him.

Name Anne
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 14/06/2005 6:50 PM
Remark Wow! Over 240 messages in support of Peter Andrews. I do hope his attention is drawn to them.
I've lived and worked as a conservationist for about 40 years and had become discouraged and disheartened of late, but now I feel a new glimmer of hope and optimism for our county's future.
If only this takes off!

Name Kevin Mullane
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 14/06/2005 6:46 PM
Remark I was hoping after watching "Australian Story" 1 & 2 that we would be told that Peter's theories and practices were about to be included in the ciriculum at every University and Agricultural College in Australia. No such luck.
Perhaps Gery Harvey would think about offering a scholarship so that Peter's knowledge will not be lost waiting for our politicians to get off their "backsides".
If ever there is a candidate for Australian of the Year Pete you're that candidate.

Congratulations and all the best for the future.

Name Caroline Kroon
Subject Of Droughts and Flooding Rains
Visit Time 14/06/2005 6:18 PM
Remark I forgot to make a very important - THANK YOU ABC!

You do such a fantastic job on a shrinking budget - how do you ever do it!

Awareness in Australia on all issues is basically up to the ABC to promote.

Thank you ABC for choosing Peter Andrews for your Australian Story. I would like to see regular updates on Peter Andrews and Permaculture (Gardening Australia frustratingly not enough)some programs on Yeomans "Keyline" techniques, Rudolf Steiners "Biodynamics" etc, etc.

I'm sure that everyone in the ABC realises now the growing interest of these topics to the average Australian, by the response to this programme.


Name Nicholas Gye
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 14/06/2005 6:17 PM
Remark Peter Andrews contribution to the desalination of agrarian land and the resustenance of the soil is so significant it cries out for broad scale recognition. It is he who should be recognised in the Honours List for his pioneering work. The man is a brave pioneer whi has enudured much grieg

Name Ron Forsyth
Subject Peter Andrew
Visit Time 14/06/2005 6:15 PM
Remark So amazingly simple - right there under everyone's nose - yet so difficult to get across. Fresh water lies on top of salt water.
Everybody has watched the fresh water aquifer dry up and see it replaced with the lower salt aquifer and not spotted what was happening. Sad that it has taken a terrible drought for people to sit up and listen.
I think there will be resistance from the cropping fraternity initially many of whom lead the charge in unsustainable agricultural practices.
Congratulations to Australian Story on an exceptional programme and to Peter for his stubborn refusal to waver from his course.

Name T D Koukari
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 14/06/2005 4:14 PM
Remark You deserve a medal!

A true prophet: a visionary!

Name Rohan Koenig
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 14/06/2005 4:07 PM
Remark Glad to see that someone is looking at Australia as somewhere unique and applying land management practices suited to the environment that we live in and look at the results, healthy farm and a healthy, natural ecosystem. Peter Andrews is someone that everyone should thank for the gift he has given to us and our children as well as his sacrifice and dedication, especially because he does want any thanks.

Name Jenni Goricanec
Subject Peter Andrews story - follow-up
Visit Time 14/06/2005 3:42 PM
Remark I found this story fascinating, in that an approach that works to heal the land is virtually ignored in the 'mainstream'. I would like to follow up with Peter Andrews to document the approach(es) that he has taken to trying to get his invention established in the 'mainstream'. And continue with him as he works with this newer group of people - scientists, Gary Harvey, Richard Pratt and others. I am doing work on Water, Innovation and Actor-Network Theory as part of my PhD.

Name Frank Clarke
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 14/06/2005 3:38 PM
Remark Congratulations to the ABC for a fantastic two Australian Stories on this wonder-worker Peter Andrews. It is a noble and patriotic thing he has done to sacrifice himself for the welfare and betterment of his country. Australian of the Year doesn't cut it, he should be our next Governor General. Congrats too to Gerry Harvey and Richard Pratt for giving Peter a hand up when he was down. It will be a frosty friday in hell before he gets any significant help from the Australian government and its bureaucratic sycophants.

Name Basant Maheshwari
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 14/06/2005 3:29 PM
Remark Peter Andrews' story is a work of a great inspiration and confirms that recognition does come at the end if you are doing the right thing (no matter what others with a short sighted view of the world or out of ignorance think). Farming in Australia can only be sustained if we can live in close collaboration with natute. Peter has done well but with a great pain to show us what can be achieved for our precious land and water resources. It will be pitty if we soon forget Peter's invaluable message and insights.

Name Des Hetherton
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 14/06/2005 3:23 PM
Remark Hi,

I work with many many farmers and understand the difficulties they currently face. Peters story was refreshing and wish him all the very best of luck in his future work. I will watch closely in the future where Im sure Peter will be recognised for his work.

Kind regards


Name MaryLou
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 14/06/2005 3:16 PM
Remark Thanks to the ABC and Australian Story for this inspirational story. Like everyone else, I can only be staggered at the lack of any governement support for this most important experiment. Perhaps Peter should register his creek as a sporting venue and watch the money flow in!

Good for Gerry Harvey and Richard Pratt. Now it's up to John Anderson to make sure that Peter's practices are supported and adapted to other farming areas. If we don't do something soon, it will be too late!

Name Bella
Subject Peter Andrews story
Visit Time 14/06/2005 3:15 PM
Remark It was fantastic to watch the past two weeks of Australian story - congratulations to all who worked on it and to Peter Andrews for standing up for what he believed in - it was so obvious that the concept works that I find it hard to believe that we are going to have to wait for scientific evidence before Peter is totally accepted??? I look forward to using Peter's information WELL before the scientists deem it to be a worthy tool.

Name Peter Harris
Subject Peter's story
Visit Time 14/06/2005 3:05 PM
Remark A great story - Peter is an inspiration to us all. Why does this Government have to be dragged kicking and screaming to do good things. Come on John Anderson you have had 3 years and still not moved. Thanks to Gerry Harvey and his mates for their foresight.

Name Sarah
Subject re Natural Sequence Farming
Visit Time 14/06/2005 2:29 PM
Remark I've been following the forums and discussions over the past few weeks about the Natural Sequence Farming techniques devised by Peter Andrews

This work seems very promising and exciting for the Australian Landscape. However the issue of using non-native plants has been raised a number of times and I've not heard a convincing explanation about their use.

Is this because there is not a native alternative that serves the same ecological function or is there another explanation that I've missed?

Peter could you elaborate this further, as apart from this issue, your work seems remarkable.

Name Heather Pugh
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 14/06/2005 2:10 PM
Remark What a genius - the greatest national treasure of all time. He will save Australia if the government will let him. He should be on the federal government payroll NOW. He should be nominated for the Nobel prize. He should have headed the Queen's Birthday honours list. Peter, you are my absolute hero - I will never forget you. Keep strong and love your family, you will achieve. Best Wishes, Heather Pugh, Brisbane

Name Phil Hansen
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 14/06/2005 1:25 PM
Remark I think it has been fabulous that sustainabnle farming techniques, regardless of their controversial nature, have FINALLY achieved some media attention. Well Done!!
Peter's work is of obvious benefit to anyone working the land who has a heart.
I find it curious however, that the program seemed to credit him as a great genius/pioneer, when thare have been documented texts and physical examples of people doing exactly the same sort of work and thinking for more than 30 years. Does anyone remember Bill Mollison, David Holmgren or P.A.Yeomans? As a permaculture designer I have been teaching these things for a long time. The replication of natural sequences in a managed land system has been central to permaculture philosophy and practice for decades. We have been battling, like Peter Andrews, for the recognition that weed ecologies are an important messenger for the land manager and not something to be derided through total lack of understanding and discrimination. Unless land managers are capable of returning the land (including hydrology) back to pre-farming/clearing conditions, weed ecologies will continue to reflect and repair the prevailing conditions.

Name Hedley Finger
Subject Waterway flow inhibition and run-off control
Visit Time 14/06/2005 1:13 PM
Remark Those following up Peter Andrews' methods for water conservation and management may also be interested in how land contouring has been used for thousands of years to slow run-off and retain water. Google with "+(swales|contour ploughing|contour plowing) "dry land" +(farming|cropping|herding)".

Name G & J Kennedy
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 14/06/2005 1:09 PM
Remark Congratulations to the Australian Story team for bringing us all - dedicated Australian Story viewers - the life and work of Peter Andrews. We recently attended a number of the Alfred Deakin Innovation Lectures in Melbourne. One lecture in particular, "Biodiversity, Water, Energy and Society: towards a sustainable future" left us wondering if there was cause for optimism in this land! Peter's work exudes optimism and courage to go against the mainstream. Thank you all. Peter might be a wonderful recipient of "Australian of the Year" recognition.

Name Patricia Smith
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 14/06/2005 1:06 PM
Remark This would have to be one of the best Australian stories ever produced and should be compulsory viewing in every high school. I want to thank Peter from the bottom of my heart for his perseverance and courage. Also thanks must go to Gerry Harvey and the others who have so much faith in him.

Subject Peter your a " LEGEND "
Visit Time 14/06/2005 1:00 PM

Name John
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 14/06/2005 12:56 PM
Remark This was the best program I've seen in many years, and about the most important issue facing our country at present

Name Debbie Gadsby
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 14/06/2005 12:50 PM
Remark What a fantastic story. It breaths hope into the terrible drought environment faced by the farmers. If there is anyway that we can get behind this wonderful cause please let us know.

Name Cheryl Potts
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 14/06/2005 12:40 PM
Remark I am dumfounded that this man is being ignored by the mainstream when the evidence is speaking for itself. Do we as a nation have to go the brink before he and others like him are listened to and acted upon.The old saying continues to ring true; 'a prophet is never welcome is his own town'

Name Sally Brokensha
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 14/06/2005 12:36 PM
Remark This man is a National Living Treasure and should be accorded due respect. I know the answer but still ask the question. WHY has it taken so long for him to be listened to?

Name Bill Lane
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 14/06/2005 12:27 PM
Remark My admiration and understanding goes out to Peter Andrews.Time will prove you right.
Myself, as firstly a land clearing contractor, then farmer/agronomist and then fertilizer company owner have battle on the edge of convential farming practices for 35 years; trying to convey that farming practices and mineral deficiencies effect the soil profile and lead to mineral deficiencies in plants, animals and through to us humans. Some 900 different human diseases and birth defects are mineral deficiencies related. The science is there.The cost and suffering to the community is huge.
I am encouraged by Peter Andrews dogged determination to persue his vision of the the landscape and solutions to farming problems that also flow on to the overall environment.Wishing Peter more support in the future, you have done a bloody great job.
Well done Gerry Harvey for having the balls and the vision to see the bigger picture, and now Richard Pratt.
I am encouraged to persue my education of the community of how mineral deficiencies in the soil then our human diet effect our health and longevity.

Name Danny Hennessy
Subject Peter andrews
Visit Time 14/06/2005 12:22 PM
Remark Well done Peter.
In my thirty odd years of dealing with cockies, their response is "if it ain't broke don't fix it" or "yes, it might work on the neighbours place but it won't work here". I am extremely interested in your work, It has changed my whole thinking on farming, and something needs to be done. I keep saying we need to build more dams but if this system is implemented we wont need too. SOMEONE PLEASE IMPLEMENT THIS. IT JUST HAS TO BE DONE.

Name Heidi
Subject peter andrews
Visit Time 14/06/2005 12:16 PM
Remark congratulations Peter. that was the best story I have ever heard. Gerry Harvey was right when he said that nothing is more important than our environment. This story should be shown to all the agronomists and scientists that work for the DPI. Our company manufacturers and sells the soilspec tensiometer system to farmers to monitor their soil moisture so that they dont over or under irrigate. Hopefully we are playing a positive roll in doing our little bit for the environment too.
I wish you lots and lots and lots of luck and happiness.

Name jan avey
Subject peter andrews
Visit Time 14/06/2005 11:51 AM
Remark Speaking for our Bellingen u3a group we were gratified to hear of someone taking seriously the 'problem'of water in our country and acheiving a perceptive and positive outcome despite the usual conservative,negative, predudice which abounds both from the 'land 'and government.Let your lesson be learned and acted upon quickly by all relevant peoples before another 30 years has completly destroyed the country.Thank you.Jan and everyone.

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Post by duane » Tue Jul 07, 2009 3:57 pm

Name Peter Schuback
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 13/06/2005 9:04 PM
Remark Back in the sixties when mass land clearing by farmers and developers realy took hold I sent letters to various ministers asking that a fee be put on every acre cleared so that that other land could be planted with hard wood plantations . I also asked that the government look at the idea of useing all of the waste that is and was being dumped in land fills for compost to be transported to areas that were no good for farming or other uses . We could have been for the last thirty to fourty years growing timber in areas that are not suitable for other uses and at the same time been useing all of the rubish that is recycable as compost . Not only would we have created long term employment and a healthy timber industry but we would have also replaced the trees that were being cleared on more productive land . NO TREES NO RAIN We need to start to replace the trees that have been cleared to balance our ecology and to start to eat up the carbon monoxides that create global warming . The trees are the earths umberalas No trees and the earth has no choice but to heat up .
I also asked that they look at drilling into the creek and river beds and put in pipes that would go to the under ground storage areas so the these areas could be refilled in rainy seasons . The pipes go to the under ground streams and are fitted with a flapper lid that can be opened when the silt has settled in the rivers and creeks to let the water then run down to the water table . This would not only refill the water table but would also help to stop salinity
Peter Schuback

Name Myles Pope
Subject Peter Andrews (Austory)
Visit Time 13/06/2005 9:02 PM
Remark Fabulous programme. Well done ABC too. A challenge to Australian society to open minds and embrace new and different ideas on all topics, not just the environment. Love to hear more of Peter's ideas and particularly for dry block farming! Let's make the most of his ideas for river system repair. Thanks Peter, your personal sacrifices have not been in vain! Thank you.

Name jeff daly
Subject peter Andrews
Visit Time 13/06/2005 9:02 PM
Remark I have learnt a lot from Peter Andrews in just two occaisions that he has featured on your program, and to me what he is saying makes sense, if u look at around at some suburban areas where weed have been left and then inspect the "cleaned" area that is devoided of greenery in the dry by comparision to the "swampy lot" then a lot of what Mr andrews is saying makes a lot of sense, Mr Deputy Prime Minister two years since u visited Peter Andrews work and u still have done nothing, shame, shame, shame. i had give you more credit then that...jeff daly

Name Paulette
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 13/06/2005 9:02 PM
Remark Peter's work is fantastic! We have to listen to him. Who do we have to contact in Government to have Peter's methods implemented?

I missed the first part of this story and would love to have both parts repeated again at some time. Thanks ABC for bringing this to all our attention.

Name Peter
Subject Peter Andrews & Gerry Harvey
Visit Time 13/06/2005 8:59 PM
Remark Congratulations Peter, you are a gutsy pioneer in the bureaucratic wildnerness. You should have a great future in consulting practice to reform much of our devasted landscape and as a nation should support you in doing this. I am pleased to see some of our scientific and government communities are now lending their support.

Gerry Harvey - thank you for having the vision and common sense to support a man who should be celebrated as one of our future heros.

Name Colin
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 13/06/2005 8:59 PM
Remark Wonderful program on 13/6 about an amazing man and his commitment. Reading the postings it appears Peters ideas will not solve all of the rural water conservation problems but how much of the country would benefit. I think about all of the water running into the sea in FNQ and the NT. How can we urbanites help him achieve his vision?

Name Bruce Fuller
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 13/06/2005 8:58 PM
Remark Thanks to all concerned for bringing Peter to our screens, to see someone with such heartfelt conviction and passion for his much needed work is a joy. I feel as if I need to get up off the couch and also try to make a difference, even if only in a small way., Keep going Peter.... THANKS.

Name Deirdre Stein
Subject Peter Andrews great work
Visit Time 13/06/2005 8:58 PM
Remark I visited Peter about 30 years ago and he told us all about his vision for his stream. It is great to see that he has succeeded and is getting credit where due. I'm sorry that it has taken such a heavy personel toll and hope that the future is kind to him.

Name Catherine McGovern
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 13/06/2005 8:58 PM
Remark A truely an Australian Inspiration. Congratulations to Peter and hope that he shows all those non-believes a thing or two. As they say...the proof is in tbe pudding!. May the Australian Government get behind you and your fantastic ideas to preserve our great land.
Keep up your great work.

Name Paula Klavins
Subject Peter Andrews Australian Story
Visit Time 13/06/2005 8:57 PM
Remark Only saw halfofthe program but hope to see the show repeated asap. Thank God for People like Peter. Hang in there Peter! Thank you for doing just that and showing the way against such heavy odds. Friends out in the west of NSW will be hanging on your every word.
Cheers to you Peter,

Name Patricia
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 13/06/2005 8:56 PM
Remark History will prove the brillance of this man. Let's hope he will be recognised for his contribution before he becomes history. History has shown many great men paid a heavy price in their personal lives. Gerry Harvey and Richard Pratt are to be applauded for supporting mankind's future. To the knockers remember " Man will never fly"!.

Name g lanham
Subject good on you peter
Visit Time 13/06/2005 8:56 PM
Remark like you i do things the way they should be all be it on a smaller scale residential
i have an eastment in my front yard full of life because i wont pipe it which is the norm?
my front yard is alive just like peters land
we have something in common natural water courses is better than man made blunders
that follows the status quo

Name ursula
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 13/06/2005 8:56 PM
Remark Australia needs people like Peter and we need an independent fearless ABC to bring us this information. Stories like this are inspiring. This is a critical issue for the future. We don't need to waste billions of dollars on flashy infrastructure projects - we need more of us to have this understanding and knowledge of the land. Let's hope Peter's vision and persistence pays off and Canberra wakes up before it is too late that projects like this need to be funded and supported. Like others I'm sorry that Peter and his family have suffered so much in the process.

Name Gavin Keeble
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 13/06/2005 8:55 PM
Remark Without exageration Gerry Harvey said the most important thing in Australia is our environment. Peter Andrews has, for all the world to see, unlocked the secret to having lush, sustainable pastures. And yet, we still have silence from the state and federal governments - together the most overly politico-bureaucracy on earth. The evidence is a priori, why do we need more scientific research. Peter Andrews is a genius, he should be knighted, rich and above all happy. What has he done to deserve his situation - provided the solution to Australia's biggest problem. I shed a tear tonight for him.

Name jo
Subject peter andrews
Visit Time 13/06/2005 8:55 PM
Remark We have land 2 hours NW of Sydney on the Coxes River (which feeds sydney water supply). It is a very hilly, undulating landscape and currently drought ridden, although the river is still flowing (just).I would love to know if Peters' theories would work in this kind of valley / river situation??? please... who do I contact about his "model farms"?

Name Andrew Fillery
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 13/06/2005 8:55 PM
Remark Get this man in charge of the Murray and Darling rivers and do it now!!!

Name Chris Eastaugh
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 13/06/2005 8:54 PM
Remark Science has never held all the answers to the Australian landscape, and probably never will. The situation as it stands now is the result of 200 years of expert opinion and legislated practices, often against the better instinct of the land managers or farmers themselves. Any mangement system should have a valid scientific basis, but the difference that Peter's work demonstrates is that a certain amount of 'artistry' in landscape design is also needed, rather than bureaurocratic prescriptions - in short, Agricultural Engineering.
The risk with Peter's system is that it will be debased to become no more than just another set of rules.
(Since the mid 1990s there has been only one university in Australia teaching Ag Engineering; USQ in Toowoomba, which turns out 6 or 7 graduates each year).

Name Colin
Subject History says it all
Visit Time 13/06/2005 8:53 PM
Remark Peter,
I wish my father could have seen your programme. (He died two years ago at 83.) For most of my life he complained about what the farmers were doing to the land; he also complained bitterly about what was done to the rivers in this country; he saw what you saw, but he was a lone voice. Do you know that in the 1880s an engineer reported to the government that the salt table would seriously rise if they continued to cut down the red river gums. But the politicians of the day were as unscrupulous as they are today, and, as you know, they set up a subsidy to destroy trees even if the land was not used. I understand your struggle - all described in Napolean Hill's book on motivation against the odds. But all politicians are just in it for themselves and not for the country, so we can't expect anything but "cost savings" from them.
Good luck, from a fifth generation Aussie.
Colin Carter

Name John Thannhauser
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 13/06/2005 8:52 PM
Remark Mr Peter Andrews will be the Australian of the Year for 2005 or 2006.
The man is extraordinary and an exceptional visionary. John Howard where are you????

Where do I send my contribution of a $1000 to the consortium developing and promoting his agricultural model.

My very best wishes and success for this amazing individual.

John Thannhauser

Name Daan Spijer
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 13/06/2005 8:51 PM
Remark This country will eventually be saved from its own follies by people like Peter. It is the 'crazy' pioneers, who are willing to sacrifice all to achieve what they see as true, who lead the way for others to (eventually) follow.
Good on you, Peter, and those of you who are now supporting him in a meaningful way. We all owe you a great debt. Thank you.
Daan Spijer

Name robert bosshard
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 13/06/2005 8:51 PM
Remark Thank you for working with nature. As human we always tend to take the easy way with quick result without lookink at long term solutions. This is very difficult for farmers who must live and love nature. It is up to the all society to help farmers to harmonise more with nature and ensure that they can still have a decent income in the short term but certainly they in the long term for all of us.

Name Simon Nott
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 13/06/2005 8:50 PM
Remark I was undoubtably impressed with this mans courage and knowledge. Having grown up and lived on the land and now as a manager I believe we are all custodians and should create a better place than what we found. For all those negative and critical people out there maybe its time you pull your head out of the sand and listen. Who knows you may learn something!!!

Name Dallas Bellamy
Subject biodiversity
Visit Time 13/06/2005 8:48 PM
Remark Leonardo da Vinci was not fully appreciated in his lifetime and I'm afraid that Peter Andrews will suffer the same fate. But rest assured that the notarity of the former will surely fall upon Peter Andrews, for he is surely the modern day equivelant and has to be bestowed the title of 'genious' in any true sense of the word.

Name Susannah
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 13/06/2005 8:48 PM
Remark Not often do middle-aged country women talk in the supermarket about heroes, but in this rain-forsaken town we did - about Peter Andrews.

Peter Andrews simply IS a hero in the true sense of the word - one who has given everything for the greater good of others (and not just human others).

If our white "culture" here were not so empty of its ancient dreaming stories, we would remember that the Wild Man, Merlin, is only asleep in Nature and that he still calls to those who will awaken to their responsibility to heed Natures's cries for help and healing.

Almost alone amongst us, Peter has heard the call and answered.May we all be inspired to do similarly.

Thank you Peter, thank you, thank you, thank you. May your days be long in this land.


Name Janine Toscan
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 13/06/2005 8:48 PM
Remark Why do you need scientific evidence when all the proof you have is before your eyes!! Just because he is not sitting in a leather seat, air conditioned officer and his title is not CEO of some bloody company, or he doesn't have PROFESSOR before his name, you aren't prepared to listen to him. It's quite often the simple answers are right in front of you. You have to have bloody scientific proof or a piece of paper to justify it..... WHY? It works, so why question it, just bloody do it!! You are all just jealous that he thought of it and not YOU! You are all jealous that he didn't have to go to university to think of a simple solution. GROW UP, AND GET SERIOUS ABOUT OUR ENVIRONMENT!

Name Satori
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 13/06/2005 8:47 PM
Remark I have just moved onto 100 acres on the dry side of the Hume Highway in the Southern Higlands. It is dry. Where can I find out more about how to implement Peter's methods?

Name Jacqui
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 13/06/2005 8:46 PM
Remark I am amazed at what Peter Andrews has achieved; Peter your courage under diversity
is very admirable. Tracey Gregory mentions her disapproval with the use of weeds to regenerate - I bought property severely damaged by bad soil management. It was compacted and erosion was quite bad in several paddocks. There was hardly any grass cover. I have let the weeds grow and slash them regularly. What is happening is that the weed mulch is starting to turn into good compost. Peter you have motivated me and given me several ideas about damming water and using it to flood my paddocks and so improve the health of the grass cover that is starting to return. I have native grasses and other good pasture grass returning. We need more people like you.

Name rick main
Subject peter andrews
Visit Time 13/06/2005 8:43 PM
Remark Even if (note the 'if') his methods won't work everywhere let's make sure we take them on it where they will. What is there to be lost? More to the point though is what there is to be saved.
I can't recall where I first came across this phrase but it is pertinent here:
"There are none so blind as those who cannot see".

Name Bill Chilcote
Subject Monday 13-06-05 Program
Visit Time 13/06/2005 8:39 PM
Remark People never change easily. This was said many years ago:

"There is nothing more difficult or perilous in its undertaking than to take the lead in its introduction of a new order of things. For the innovation has as enemies all those who have done well under the old order of things, and a luke warm reception from those who may do well under the new." (quote from Nicolo Machiavelli 1502)

Let's hope for the best!!
Good Luck Aussie Land,

Name Denise Miller
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 13/06/2005 8:38 PM
Remark Great Men pay a great price for the good of the precious earth. I congratulate Peter Andrews on his wisdom and I pray that all he has paid for his beliefs will some day be appreciated.I wish him happiness.

Name Barry Mews
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 13/06/2005 8:38 PM
Remark What love for the environment this man has. He cares enough for this land to give all. This man ought to be recognised in the Queens birthday honours.

Name pg olsen
Subject Peter Andrews.
Visit Time 13/06/2005 8:37 PM
Remark Well done Peter.You are a genius.
Give the Dept PM an upper cut.How disappointing.Move forward,don't procrastinate.Get rid of all of rules and regulations,and give this man the deserved back up he needs.

Name Felicite Gunther
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 13/06/2005 8:36 PM
Remark I cannot explain the admiration I have for this man of vision. He has lost so much to gain so little, but had the courage of his convictions. Finally now he is being recognised as the genius that he truly is. I only hope that he finds personal happiness and fulfilment because God knows, he deserves it.

Name Peter McLeod
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 13/06/2005 8:35 PM
Remark Are you the same Peter Andrews who lived out of Broken Hill?

Name Andrew
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 13/06/2005 8:14 PM
Remark Would loved to see part 2, however, ABC tv is off the air (Orange NSW)

Name Michael & Carol
Subject Nothing new...
Visit Time 13/06/2005 5:24 PM
Remark Good on Peter for getting people to listen. However many other people have said the same thing (Yeoman, Permaculture) or are out there doing it - without any recognition.

Some people have commented that this can't be done without permanent water. Well it can. The major problems with most properties is that the topsoil is compressed. Take off the heavy machinery, take off the overstocking, start giving back some of the organic matter and the entire farm becomes one giant sponge. We did it on 40 acres up near Gympie. During heavy downpours the water would sheet off our neighbours farms - but we never lost a drop, it all soaked in.

I predict people will listen to Peter up till the next rain, then go back to what they are comfortable with. Probably why most of us doing it (or did it) don't bother telling anyone.

Name Peter Andrews
Subject Response to Tracey Gregory
Visit Time 13/06/2005 9:30 AM
Remark Plants prepare and then maintain a landscape for the evolution of animals into those conditions. If we introduced 200 different species of animals and birds, agriculture, human structures and industry why expect a group of plants never subjected to those conditions to cope with the change.Assessment of Australian history since the introduction of man should indicate where the true appreciation of scientific principal should be headed. May I draw your attention to some facts. Since the introduction of Aborigines the bio-diversity has been reduced to one third. Forrests have assumed a status of fire induced survival. For the uninitiated scientific person may I use an example. Every living thing requires carbon compounds therefore the more available these compounds are the more living processes. If you burn, the compounds are converted to gas.You express yourself as as an Australian wetland expert, I have not yet seen a reproduced Australian wetland that functions as our landscapes require.Please if you want to cast aspersions on your scientific colleagues do a bit more research.

Name Terry Tucker
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 12/06/2005 1:24 PM
Remark Three cheers for Peter Andrews, if only we had a Government with the same forethought and ambition and sheer courage to help solve our water problems as with Peter Andrews. Peter you have my vote, my only regret is that you had to lose so much for your principles. Looking forward to the next edition and hope that John Howard is also watching.

Name John
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 12/06/2005 9:25 AM
Remark In terms of the environment his ideas may have merit, but how does it relate to producing food. All food requires water to be used and then removes NUTRIENTS and WATER from the farm to the consumer that must be replaced. 1 kg meat removes about 70% of it's weight, even the humble potatoes and tomatoes remove about the same. We need to try and see his work not in isolation but how it contributes to the primary need of providing food for the nation to keep it all in perspective.

Name Rick J
Subject P Andrews
Visit Time 12/06/2005 7:58 AM
Remark Good stuff Peter - but let's not get carried away here ABC. Peter's work is NOT the answer to all our environmental problems! As someone who has worked for many years in the field of stream management, I found it strange that this program presented Peter's work as if it were something new and revolutionary. There are (thankfully) many observant and thoughtful landowners working to restore our rivers. But the techniques used have to match the river your working on. Peter's work is fine for chain-of-ponds systems but they're not going to work eveywhere!

Name Roy Lee
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 12/06/2005 5:38 AM
Remark Good on you Peter!
I would like to offer the services of my business to provide you with a free website to help you in your strivings for better communication of your vital message!
Just use my return email link to get in touch.

Name Simon
Subject Of Droughts and Flooding Rains
Visit Time 11/06/2005 11:54 PM
Remark I have just got around to watching the 1st part of this 2 part series and am so glad I didn't miss it and will be watching part 2 eagerly. Well done, Australian Story (again). It's just such a shame that this man has had to go through some much pain and hurt for 30 years to, just perhaps, gain just a small element of the recognition that he so obviously deserves.

Name Thea van Zoest
Subject Peter Andrew "Of draughts and flooding rain" Give nature a chance
Visit Time 11/06/2005 2:20 PM
Remark I can relate to Peter Andrews because I know his method is a natural common sense solution.

I have been trying to do the same in relation to "Organic Waste Recycling". For 40 years I have grown crops in Europe, Africa and in Auastralia without the need for chemical fertilisers or pesticides because I allowed nature to turn organic waste into fertile soil.
This is done in windrow style waste recycling systems ON THE GROUND. All that is needed, is a carbon/nitrogen balance and the correct amount of moisture. Nature takes care of the rest.
After a few weeks all the organic waste has turned into fertile soil (vermicompost).
There is so much organic waste all around the world. If we would only organise it in such a way that nature gets a chance to turn it around into organic plant food, then nobody would need to go hungry.
Like Peter I tried and tried to knock doors for 25 years. Even when people saw evidence, they still didn't want to take it on. Too much opposition from Health and Safety regulations, Standards etc.

I was very frustated and gave up 5 years ago. Peter I respect you greatly and I admire your perseverance.

"Keeping our natural world alive"

Within each of us a secret gift
Waiting to be shared
waiting to be aired
Growing day by day
Looking for a way, to play a part
In a better, richer future
For our children's world to last.

Respectfully, Thea van Zoest

Name Alexander
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 11/06/2005 12:54 PM
Remark A truly wonderful Australian story. I hope Peter's legacy of knowledge is harnessed and applied throughout our country. I'd like a DVD of Peter's story. I know a few teachers that would cherish this story as a rich resource for young minds. Young minds that need to be challenged by Peter's wisdom.

Name Albert Bainbridge
Subject Peter Farmer 5/6/05
Visit Time 10/06/2005 9:48 PM
Remark Great story!looking forward to the next installment.All landholders should be following his example.The Federal Govt should be Funding his work.Why aren`t they???

Name Janet Smyth
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 10/06/2005 5:10 PM
Remark I always new Peter would succeed in his dream to droughtproof his propert. I did a great deal of typing for him on this subject. Good luck Peter don't give in now you have won.

Name Susan
Subject Peter Andrew
Visit Time 10/06/2005 1:07 PM
Remark Peter you are an inspiration to all. Your passion and determination is going to make a difference to my children's lives and all future generations for this thank you! The price you have had to pay as far as your personal life has been concerned has not been fair but all your family must be so proud of you now. Whenever I find the going tough I will think of what you have endured and get cracken! Keep up your wonderful work and it was such a privilege getting to know about your work through the abc Australian Story

Name Ray
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 10/06/2005 12:33 AM
Remark Please read Fiona's & Mortisha's entries, They both tell it so well! This is okay for the Bylong Valley but as for Australia as whole it is just not on!

Name Ray Dowling
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 10/06/2005 12:21 AM
Remark Peter & Gerry Harvey are very lucky to have a permanent stream running through their properties. Without that water his idea to water-log the flat land is not possible. I would love to be able to have the water to pond in a creek. How can he use his idea in an undulating landscape? To all my fellow farmers, don't get to excited by this, it needs plenty of water.

Name Barb Minter
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 9/06/2005 11:16 PM
Remark what an incredible situation! Heres a persistent, stubborn man (thank goodness) with such knowledge and physical ability,and its taken so long for his message to be heard. Keep going Peter!! Its very sad that you have lost so much else along the way. Cheers to men like you!!!!!!!

Name Dennis Lugg
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 9/06/2005 10:09 PM
Remark I grew up in an area where salt wrecked buildings and farmland. Later I worked for a highly regarded aboriginal drover and stockman and as we passed through a sheep station with massive salinity problems he described the causes and solutions . Later still I did some work with CSIRO. Part of scientific method is carefull observation . Aboriginal people are excellent observers . Thanks to Peter Andrews for the intellect and perseverance to show how sophisticated "experts" got it wrong.

Name kevin & June MASON
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 9/06/2005 7:06 PM
Remark Well for my money The 50cents a year we each pay to have our ABC broadcasts is well spent when a programme such as the one on Peter Andrews is produced.

Name Ray Jamieson
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 9/06/2005 7:06 PM
Remark Congratulations to both ABC and Peter. I have just read around 60 guestbook comments and all but a couple recognise the value of what this man has done! I was also surprised to only see a couple of references to another amazing Australian who pioneered something like this in the 40's and 50's, Mr Yeoman, with "Water For Every Farm", The Keyline Plan.

The Keyline Plan is still relevant and for those people who doubt the viability of what Peter Andrews has done, look at the books on Keyline - Mr Yeoman's grandchildren are in Southport and continuing his great work.

Between them, there is probably not an arid clod outside Canberra that could not be rehabilitated!

It won't take much money to do this - certainly not as much as Canberra is wasting elsewhere, but it will take a great deal more political guts and courage than I fear we have available.

Good for you Peter, lobby like crazy and let's all lobby with you - what you have begun (again) is the salvation of this land! I can't wait til the next episode!

Name Fiona
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 9/06/2005 6:46 PM
Remark I have known Peter for many years and have seen both he and his family suffer terribly for this cause. My family and I were over joyed to see him get the recognition he deserves and therefore vindicate his work BUT it is a sad indictment that without Gerry Harvey on board he would probably still be driving the country roads in the wee hours of the morning trying in vain to engender support.

Name Carien
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 9/06/2005 5:26 PM
Remark I'm with Bronwyn and Paul......where do we learn to read the plants and the landscape....please?

Name Tracey Gregory
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 9/06/2005 4:46 PM
Remark I was mostly impressed with Peter Andrews and his determination. However as an environmental scientist who has worked in wetland revegetation and restoration I CANNOT understand or condone the planting of non-native species. Weeds are one of the major threats to our biodiversity and while the theory behind Peter Anderson's work is correct, his fatal error is in the use of non-natives. I cannot understand how academics have backed this? I have worked close and hard with landholders to access funds to improve waterways on their property and eradicating weeds, not introducing them is essential.

Name Jayne Riley
Subject Peter Andres
Visit Time 9/06/2005 1:32 PM
Remark What an amazing, courageous man. People always fear new things and that's only because fear is False Evidence Appearing Real - if they don't understand it they can't believe it. Don't give up Peter!
Well done Aunty on bringing his story to the wider audience. I only hope the momentum doesn't die and that Australia as a whole continue to look at the land in terms of regeneration rather than this seasons crops.
"Peter Andrews definately gets my vote for Australian of the Year"

Name Paul
Subject Re: Bronwyn Bain's comment
Visit Time 9/06/2005 12:42 PM
Remark Bronwyn, I couldn't agree more. Recently I stumbled upon a letter written by Chief Seathl to the President of the United States ~1855, a wonderful read which I hope you find interesting.

Name Maureen Henry
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 9/06/2005 11:52 AM
Remark I found Peters work absolutely fascinating and his struggle to prove everyone wrong heartbreaking at times. However no matter how good his work, how could he let his family lose everything for the sake of selling a few of his horses to keep the bank away?
Eccentric is one thing but just plain bloody minded - it in some way denigrades the work he has put in.

Name Bronwyn Bain
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 9/06/2005 9:51 AM
Remark It was briefly mentioned at the beginning of the story that Peter Andrews spent time in his early years with the aboriginal stockmen who told him "Whiteman doesn't know how to look after the land".
It seems to be that their knowledge has formed the backbone of his work. When will the rest of Australia, and indeed the world, start to listen to the indigenous societies who have forever had a respect for nature. When will we acknowledge their wisdom and start to listen. As David Suzuki has stated when referring to indigenous societies, "They also have their Einsteins"

Name krystal
Visit Time 9/06/2005 9:42 AM
Remark i felt so sorry for those families. for school in legal studies we did a report of inan milat. it was so horrible im glad hes behind bars

Name Lesley
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 8/06/2005 6:37 PM
Remark My partner and I found the story the most uplifting 'good news' story for a long, long time. It makes one want to leave the city and help in his long and frustrating quest.

Well done, Peter, and thanks for the years you have been 'the little bird whistling in the wind"!

Name Jean Morris
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 8/06/2005 5:20 PM
Remark What a beautiful sight to see the horses testifying to the lushness of the pasture and the sweetness of the water brought about by Peter Andrews' vision. That was all the evidence anyone needed that wetlands work. May John Anderson, Gerry Harvey and others in a position to press for change, continue to back him. Please let us see more such success stories.

Name Suzie St George
Subject The interest in Peter Andrews story
Visit Time 8/06/2005 4:30 PM
Remark I have been drawn back to read the Guestbook on the Peter Andrews program because it fascinates me to see the number and variety of responses. And these have prompted a new thought which I would like to share. As viewers have pointed out, Andrews methods are not the panacea for all our ills, nor is he the only one coming up with solutions outside the square. So what is it about this story that has excited us? Possibly the delight lies in the fact that he is being supported by some representatives of the mainstream. Academics are showing themselves willing to find out why a solution works rather than trying to impose a theory of their own. To be reminded that some politicians and businessmen are participating rather than "representing" or just "giving money" is immensely heartening. And then there is the amazing spectacle of a local reporter committing to a truth he sees rather than only acting as witness to the next popular sensation. This is a story about a team of people willing to play a visionary's game. Who knows but if this trend becomes pandemic we might have Heaven in Australia, if not on Earth! (g)

Name Laurie May
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 8/06/2005 4:25 PM
Remark I was stunned to learn that Peter's principles have taken 30 years to be grasped by conventional science. Why? Imagine the changes which could have been wrought to our struggling land in that time. Where else have his methods been put into effect?

Name Allan Healy
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 8/06/2005 3:29 PM
Remark A remarkable man with remarkable, and desperately needed, achievements. But I am still in the dark on the details of what he is doing. I hope that the second part of the story will provide those.

Name Brian Sims
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 8/06/2005 3:15 PM
Remark This story brought tears to your eyes what a great Australian real Aussie stuff.
I know what he went through with people ignoring a great Idea. Mental Health is my baby and know one is listening but thanks peter I will keep going.

Name Dona Eaton
Subject Of Droughts.......
Visit Time 8/06/2005 1:46 PM
Remark Like the previous few posts I perused,(too many to read) similar thoughts ran through my mind too, after seeing this hopeful story. Yes, what a GREAT man this Peter Andrews is.I hope credit and acknowledgement is duely given, especially because of the losses he and his family have endured.Looking forward to next weeks programme.And thanks yet again, to the ABC.

Name Robyn Vitale
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 8/06/2005 12:06 AM
Remark Gratitude to all those who had the courage and tenacity to finally pull this information/story through to those of us who are ignorant. We need to support our inovative thinkers...it sounds like we have wasted thirty years!!!!

Name Susan Birrell
Subject Of Droughts and Flooding Rains
Visit Time 7/06/2005 10:35 PM
Remark For many years I have had the belief that we do have the capacity to start reversing the damage we have done to the Australian ecosystems and improve our environment. I am not a scientist but I believe that there are many qualified people who could find a solution. However I was amazed that the simple approach which Peter Andrews took has demonstrated what I thought could be done - revegetation and conserving water on a local scale to create an oasis in threatened semi-arid areas. If a lot of people took this approach on their own land, it would multipy the results and we could start to reverse the degradation. This could be a project for everyone who owns or manages land. As I am approaching retiring age I am frustrated that I cannot persue this quest on a larger scale than a suburban lot, but I am encourage to see that Peter has not given up. I truly hope that his experiment will attract some serious funding and change in attitude to land management.

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Name Terese
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 7/06/2005 10:23 PM
Remark After viewing Australian Story I feel totally elated that there are still people out there like Peter Andrews. What a man!! Insightful, passionate, and a true lover of the Australian land. This is the way forward for our parched country.

Name sarah
Subject peter andrews
Visit Time 7/06/2005 8:38 PM
Remark well done on the story

i'd be keen to hear more about the use of non-native plants in the restoration of creek habitats

was this because there wasn't a native option that would perform the same ecological function?

or was native habitat regeneration not a key principle of the work itself?

Would it be work in stages whereby the non-natives were eventually replaced by their native counterpart?

I'm wondering if these introduced plants might potentially form an enormous seed source of plants which might overtake native habitats in some areas?

Name Cyril Ciesiolka
Subject Peter Andrew's holistic landscape management
Visit Time 7/06/2005 8:36 PM
Remark I look forward to the remaining program. Will it tell us in more detail how and why this system has such beneficial effects in terms of water,its quality,salinity management and agricultural production? While the property on which Peter has worked shows a good response,the geomorhhological characteristics of the Bylong Valley at the point where the property is located are ideal for obtaining such results. Will the next program address, "How to make it happen all the way along the valley and at what point will the strategy need some major manipulation?"
As mentioned by John Williams this catchment rehabilitation design will work well for some areas but it is not a single solution for all.

Name Jacquie Nasr
Subject A fanatic..a crank...a survivor of oz bashing
Visit Time 7/06/2005 8:01 PM
Remark I found this program inspiring. Common sense and understand of and working WITH the land and one man's courage to keep battering at those closed doors for 30 years.

They labelled him a crank, a danger, a renegade, a NUT! In the program they said he is a fanatic. Yes. Anyone with absolute belief and PASSION really is a fanatic. And nothing of any great worth has been achieved without it.

I salute a man of great courage and great patience and his undying belief in the land's own wisdom.

And using HORSES to gauge his successes instead of sterile scientific probes.

His results speak for themself.

Keep the passion. Keep being a fanatic. Thank you for having the courage to keep going :)


Name Anne S
Subject Of Drought and Flooding Rain
Visit Time 7/06/2005 7:51 PM
Remark Thank you, Peter Andrews, for having the fortitude to honour your innate sense of rightness in the face of so much opposition. Like the Kooris, you are a true custodian of the land. Please publish your methods and ideas as soon as you can. You are truly inspirational and have my vote for Australian of the Year.
Those farmers and scientists who pooh-poohed your ideas need to find a new career path for it appears they dont understand what it is they are working for.

Name Caroline Kroon
Subject Of draughts and flooding rains
Visit Time 7/06/2005 7:31 PM
Remark As a child (only 46 years ago) and driving to Canberra from Cooma on a dirt road with my family, I used to look forlornly upon the barren land with its deep wounds gashing up the hillsides.
I feel so heartened with mankind, when I see such an inspirational man as Peter Andrews, who has been prepared to sacrifice all personal comforts and benefits to improve mans lot on this earth.
If I was Frank Packer, I would give you signed open cheques and make you my best mate.

Name Christine Donovan
Subject Of Droughts and Flooding Rains
Visit Time 7/06/2005 7:28 PM
Remark I could not stop watching the most important story about the Australian landscape that I have ever seen. This story should be shown to every primary and secondary school child and put on every commercial Radio and TV station. I was enthralled that such a simple procedure of maintaining our water beds and creeks and can easily be accomplished by anyone on the land or in the cities. Please make this a "Landline" special.

Name Margaret Longmuir
Subject Droughts & Flooding Rains
Visit Time 7/06/2005 6:13 PM
Remark A story which reflects my sentiments. Full credit to a determined man. Many should follow his example and maybe the tide could be turned re saving the environment and at the same time making it more productive. We cannot keep taking from the land and not give back to it. Understanding is so important. I look forward to the concluding episode.

Name Verna McCartney
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 7/06/2005 6:04 PM
Remark The best Australian Story I have ever seen it should be seen by every Australian especially those on the land. He could be the man who can change the face of our dry landscape. Go Peter

Name David
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 7/06/2005 5:54 PM
Remark Shame,shame,shame on Australia, John Anderson, the scientists and the buracrats for not supporting such a visionary as Peter Andrews. Surely enough evidence has been shown on the program to convince the Government that this man can help to solve some of our land degradation and drought problems. The Government should look at the BIG PICTURE (not John Anderson's narrow vision of the puny little creeks on his own property), appoint Peter to act as a consultant with sufficient income for the rest of his life so he doesn't have to suffer any more, and let him continue his excellent work throughout Australia to restore it's landscape to its former glory.

Name derek brannigan
Subject of droughts and flooding rains.
Visit Time 7/06/2005 5:23 PM
Remark The program is brilliant as usual. Mr Andrews must be our next Australian of the Year.
I was moved by his love for the land. Well done too Mr Ryan, the reporter from Dubbo.

Name Louise
Subject Of Droughts and Flooding Rains
Visit Time 7/06/2005 5:00 PM
Remark Australian Story was eagerly awaited by me this week and did not disappoint. For those who were captivated by Peter Andrew's vision, you may also be interested in the work of Bill Mollison. He articulated his vision for a more sustainable approach to agriculture in Australia from the late 1970s and was similarly ridiculed and dismissed by the bureaucrats, academics and other officious know-all know-nothing officials.
Bad news that it has taken so long for those with good sense and vision to be heard, good news that, at last, we the pupils are finding the teachers we need. Onya Peter, Onya Bill.

Name Suzanne Drake
Subject Of Droughts and Flooding Rains
Visit Time 7/06/2005 4:58 PM
Remark What a wonderful programme
Peter Andrews should write a book I am sure thousands would buy it extremely impressive person

Name Natasha English
Subject For Peter Andrews
Visit Time 7/06/2005 4:32 PM
Remark Peter my message is for you. I feel encouraged to continue my natural resource work while people like you exist and forge a head at great personal cost. As a landcarer in an area where the floodplains were drained long ago your 'project'marks the beginning of a new era of thinking. Thank you for helping the land on which we depend my very best wishes.

Name chee ho wong
Visit Time 7/06/2005 3:54 PM
Remark Wow! what a great story. Peter Andrew's work should not only be commended but be studied/financed. I think that what his work showed is that sometimes there are often other ways of solving our environmental problems both in the rural and urban landscapes. It is just a matter of seeing, hearing and doing things differently which is precisely what Peter has done. I have to agree with one of the guestbook entries that this story should be given more coverage. But well done ABC. We dont often hear about some of the good work that the rural community are doing to restore decades of environmental damage. Frankly I think its a cop out for urbanites to constantly criticise farmers for our environmental woes when we dont often hear enough about whats going on in the country unless your involved/or have an interest in environmental management.

Name Margaret
Subject Of Droughts and Flooding Rains
Visit Time 7/06/2005 3:51 PM
Remark I have to add my congratulations to the ABC for this program. It was inspirational. I hope Peter Andrews receives all the encouragement and support he deserves for believing in the land. More acknowledgement from the ABC that Indigenous Knowledge Systems are integral to land restoration and conservation would have been appropriate. Their knowledge is alive and well, and should not be given a token reference to times gone past.

Name Michelle
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 7/06/2005 2:13 PM
Remark Truly a great man and what makes him more remarkable is that he learnt from the original people of this land, the Aboriginals, who were (and still are) the most knowledgeable landcarers in Australia!

Name Kate . . .
Subject Of Droughts and Flooding Rains
Visit Time 7/06/2005 2:05 PM
Remark I come from a rural area, were on some of our land we have a salt problem. I thought that this story was a very interesting, because it showed our family how to deal with this problem from another point of view. Well Done Peter!! You beat the odds and peoples opinions.

Name Anthony Newett
Subject Of Droughts and Flooding..
Visit Time 7/06/2005 2:03 PM
Remark The story is so important that it should have been simulcast over each Commercial station.

Name Stephen Iacono
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 7/06/2005 1:45 PM
Remark I have been a planning engineer with Sydney Water since graduating from UTS in 1990. Over the last 3 years I have become increasingly frustrated at the way state governments squander our natural resources for the sake of re-election. For example, we knew we were in for a record drought before the 2002 State Election when our dams were at 70% capacity, however Bob Carr chose not to introduce water restrictions until after the election. But this is a side issue.

Amongst my collegues at work we often debate about how we could drought proof Australia. We just feel shackled and unable to contribute because we have the brains and the know-how to solve this crisis. Yet the people that control utilities such as Sydney Water are puppets for incumbent governments. So all we seem to do in Sydney Water is go around in circles reorganising departments and focusing on projects that aren't of present importance to make previous General Managers look bad whilst keeping the present ones at the top of the food chain.

Don't think that I am a greenie because I am not. But by the same token blind freddy can see that this drought is hurting the people on the land and the effects could take decades to recover.

Deputy Prime Minister John Anderson's introduction to Peter Andrews caught my attention immediately. For the first time I could see a ray of hope in this never ending drought.

I urge all levels of government to take note of Peter Andrews and his work. Sometimes the solutions to our most difficult problems are eloquent in their simplicity.

Peter Andrews for Australian of the Year.

Name Michael
Subject Of Droughts and Flooding Rains
Visit Time 7/06/2005 1:41 PM
Remark It really is very sad that a person who will not tow the accepted line is regarded with such suspicion. As a person who spent a lot of time in his youth in landscapes which were fairly close to pristine and can remember clearly drinking clean water which was purified by the natural filters that Peter is recreating, his logic seems only tooo clear to me. I hope that his next thirty years will be spent reaping the rewards he deserves.

Name Lorraine Gordon
Subject "Of drought and flooding rains 6/6/05"
Visit Time 7/06/2005 1:36 PM
Remark I sat in awe and watched this wonderful programme. How could such a simple technique been overlooked for so long and allowed our environment to deteriorate to such an extent. I would like to know if there are any "Field Days" held on this property that I could attend. I would like to know more about how he accomplished such a task.

Name Penny Knudson
Subject Peter Andrews
Visit Time 7/06/2005 12:56 PM
Remark I first read of Peter Andrews in the SMH several years ago. I believe that his approach is the future for the Australian landscape. But my question is not what the authorities are doing about it, but rather what can I do about it.
Do we purchase land as investments which can then use this method of renewing the landscape? Do we give money to see it extended across Australia? How do I multiply the work that Peter Andrews has been doing?
Sometimes it's too easy to complain that others aren't doing the job, but I think it's time to work out what I can do to make a difference.

Name Fiona
Subject Flood and Drought
Visit Time 7/06/2005 12:43 PM
Remark Could you please advise me as to what exactly this gentleman achieved as I am at a loss to understand exactly what he does? I believed the natural water course already existed in Bylong Valley.
Is this gentleman similar to a water deviner? Can water be found in the dry, dying outback of Australia?

Name Mortisha
Subject Droughts & Flooding rains
Visit Time 7/06/2005 12:22 PM
Remark Basically he has built a series of dams/weirs along the old creek line. Unfortunately our land is too steep to try any of the recommendations – think we’d be prosecuted if we try to dam the semi permanent creek on our farm these days. You have to remember the Bylong valley has a fairly high water table as well – you don’t have to dig very far to get water-max 3 meters in a really really dry year whereas where I live you’d be looking at 120 meters these days.

It is unfair that it is being promoted as the answer to ALL of Australia’