Dec 5 2015 - Letter from Julia McKay

We will be posting letters to government ministers, officials and bureaucrats so that those of you who are interested in seeing NSF taken seriously by those in command of our country's future, can see our efforts in that pursuit.
We will also post any replies or reactions we get.

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Dec 5 2015 - Letter from Julia McKay

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After visiting Tarwyn Park in 1974, I continued to discuss landscape rehabilitation methods with Peter Andrews. I relied upon the judgement of Professor Hector Geddes, amongst others, who had expressed admiration for the work that Peter had undertaken at Tarwyn Park to manage underground water, salinity and vegetation sequences.

In 1984, Peter hired me to promote a Ready-To-Run Sale for horses raised at Tarwyn Park and at the same time to promote Australian landscape science. More than six hundred people attended and witnessed the health of the animals bred upon this recently-restored landscape. The publicity surrounding the sale, as well as the agricultural innovations at Tarwyn Park reached the entire nation – via press, radio and television.
Since that time, the stresses of my financial difficulties and my educational background have led me to believe that further research into NSF might bring Peter the outcomes he so desired. This was probably misguided on my part. No further investigation was really needed as the evidence was plain to see for anyone with any understanding of agriculture and pre-history.

However, in the mid-1990s Peter himself undertook a complex research and development project which did assess many of the features that he had installed at Tarwyn Park. This research was endorsed by the Federal Government and the Australian Tax Office.

I should have done more to spread the message about how important the Australian landscape functions were. This message involves a simple understanding of how water was managed by all plants.

I am not alone in these failures. Many others of greater influence have been similarly “asleep at the wheel.” We must all now work constructively as a team to correct these past oversights. This should result in Australian agriculture leading the world in climate management and the production of wholesome food.

Peter has dedicated his life and resources to teaching people how, why and what made this Australian continent great. He is willing to assist this team effort and to bring a fresh approach to his dealings with his supporters.

Julia McKay
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