Letter to PM Turnbull from M.Eng.Sc, University of Sydney

We will be posting letters to government ministers, officials and bureaucrats so that those of you who are interested in seeing NSF taken seriously by those in command of our country's future, can see our efforts in that pursuit.
We will also post any replies or reactions we get.

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Letter to PM Turnbull from M.Eng.Sc, University of Sydney

Post by webmaster » Thu Dec 03, 2015 5:54 am

This is a copy of the letter sent to PM Malcolm Turnbull on Sun, 11 Oct 2015 17:16:48

From: andystodulka@hotmail.com
To: turnbull.mp@aph.gov.au..
Date: Sun, 11 Oct 2015 17:16:48 +1100

Dear Prime Minister,

Congratulations on your appointment !
I have attached a letter below of National Importance.
I know you will assist in pushing this forward by bringing it the attention of your cabinet ,as food and water are the driving forces throughout the world ,more so now than ever before ,and ultimately responsible for the mass migration evident today.


Andy Stodulka

I have just completed another site inspection of the 30 year NATURAL SEQUENCE FARMING PHENOMENA developed by PETER ANDREWS
so convincingly demonstrated on a catchment size property in BYLONG Central NSW and surrounding areas.

I was able to observe first hand the various landscape processes and results of European Settlement evident from Queanbeyan through SE NSW along to WOLLMBI BROOK to BARAMUL and then return via BATHURST .
As a hydraulic civil engineer with a Masters degree in hydraulic structures(University of Sydney)and over 50 years of engineering practice I was able to atest to the effectiveness and efficiencies demonstrated in BYLONG along with many simple and relatively inexpensive engineering principles that allowed the ancient landscape functions to rejuvenate and revitalize the impoverished soils with the result that all forms of agriculture can benefit as well as contribute to the management of extremes such as floods , drought and fires!!!!

There is no doubt that the relatively simple process of NSF has been successful in reversing decades of land degradation resulting in effectively drought proofing the landscape in addition to several associated benefits[eg rehydration ,temperature stabilisation ,fertility increase etc]

Based on harnessing the waterflow,priming the water table ,alluvial deposition and plant succession the process results in a reversal of the destructive cycle of drought ,salt invasion and detrimental effects of climate change.NSF is based on the "pre-human"efficiencies of landscape formation which managed both climate and water distribution and resulted in the expansion of the mega fauna in Australia.These processes can be extrapolated to support any form of agriculture.

Further delays to the National and International implementation of NSF Land Management processess will potentially add billions of dollars to the cost of restoration including the economic losses due to the reduction in fertility and production.

Further promotion of ""RESEARCH """to [re]establish the principles of NSF and development of ""new and newer taxonomy"" to describe the basic processes of NSF that can be adequately conveyed in plain English are counter productive as it will only delay implementation as the BYLONG process has already proven its effectivenes beyond doubt !!

The steps forward are simple and basic and need to be carried out concurrently.....

*Select and implement anational and international qualification program for trainers and practitioners at current or new centres of education

*Select current organisations/stake holders with interests in agriculture such as banks ,green army,catchment management organisations,for different levels of training

*Divert funding from less viable and less proven schemes to fund the retraining

*Identify the least productive most degraded catchments with little or no productive value for rehabilitation with NSF

IN the meantime, your advice as to which funding schemes and or grants are available to access would be greatly appreciated !


Andy Stodulka
Managing Director
M.Eng.Sc ,University of Sydney
[Hydraulic Structures]
M I E Aust
Design Construct Industries
Mobile: +61 411 725 886
Fax: +61 26260 1515
99 Tralee Street Hume 2620 ACT
The Forum for Peter Andrew's Natural Sequence Farming

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