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The Joint Venture Proposition

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A world first.....

TARWYN PARK the famous horse stud and environmental research model, is now available for JOINT VENTURE RESEARCH in a number of areas for environmental assessment.

This is the first time a property of this type has been made available to governments, research bodies and commercial interests for research......

Some research could include.... 

The effect that genetically engineered plants have in a natural plant progression.

Establishing the effects that modern chemicals and agricultural practices have had on soils worldwide by being able to compare this relatively pristine area to more contaminated areas.

The property has the ability to reveal information that allows the reorganising of wetlands and estuarys with an emphases on re-establishing their natural role as fish hatcheries.

The property can demonstrate a method of agriculture and wetland managaement as a carbon sink. Natural forests fulfill this role.

For 15 years agriculture has been conducted to demonstrate an increase of between 15 and 40 tonnes per acrte of accumulated carbon material.

Food research using thoroughbred horses as monitors and testers as food grown in this environment is shown to provide a natural hormone.

Quote... ..."animals fed on natural mulch farms,
as against modern farming methods,

Ate 15% less
yet had between 40 and 75% better health.'


..."animals fed on the latest most modern man made foods which include mashed up other animals,

Creates sicknesses such as MAD COW !

Click here to view a Certified Valuation of the property