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The Best Bio Diverse Organic Farm
in the World

The Homestead

That's a big statement to make !!

What this is about....

This farm offers the best opportunities to evaluate the genetic progression in plants in a model with an established Hydrological pattern.

Some References...

At the Beijing Environmental Engineers Conference recently, the resounding conclusion was that they should all follow the example at Peter Andrew's Tarwyn Park property
The place has been scrutinised by 5 leading universities...
University of Sydney
The University of Technology
The University of NSW
The University of Western Sydney
Newcastle University

Senior representatives of both the State of N.S.W. and the Federal Australian Government have commented favourably after inspections of the property.

A validation of Landscape Hydrology by the University of Technology Ground Water Division has just been completed. This has established a management strategy for fertility and salt.

The Potential is..

The property is ideal for all facets of frost tolerant agriculture, aquaculture, thoroughbred horse husbandry and many other areas of farming that require absolute pristine chemically-free soil and water.

There are also excellent tourism prospects due to....
The beautiful valley it occupies...
A picturesque mountain setting...
Surrounded by National Parks and State Forests..
There are many tourism ideas that could be utilised...

A Certified Valuation Report and other validation is available to principal interests.

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