new member with a request for advice

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new member with a request for advice

Post by lyrebird » Wed Dec 02, 2009 10:54 am

hi there. very excited to have found the forum. reading peter's books and it all makes so much sense.
we have recently purchased 42 acres inland from taree on the mid-north coast of nsw. it has a long creek frontage and creek flats/pasture as well as some sloping land. some erosion evident as the soil is shale/clay not much topsoil apart from the creek flats which is pretty good. some stands of paperbark, eucalypts at perimetre. mixed pasture with weeds including giant parramatta grass that the neighbour pointed out. there is a bit of lantana, blackberry and thistle. we can't move up from sydney for several year (kids still in school) but want to develop and restore it as well as we can. have had a permaculture consultant look at it and draw up a plan, but feel very inspired by the NSF approach, especially to weed management. also seek advice as to what sort of equipment we should look at - ie tractor etc.
the creek is a boundary so we can't do major projects on it but need to do something as it does flood and there is evident erosion and very exposed tree roots. we have made a start with dividing and replanting the lomandra grass that is abundant along the creek.
it's a great property (well we think so) but will need a lot of work to bring it back, and we are surrounded by conventional cattle farmers and want to be able to demonstrate that things like NSF really do work.
thanks in advance, and my blog has some more info and pics of the area.
it is
we have just bought 42 acres on the mid-north coast. want to develop it to its full potential naturally.

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