URGENT OFFER: Aerial Photography to show problem areas

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URGENT OFFER: Aerial Photography to show problem areas

Post by webmaster » Mon Apr 21, 2008 7:44 am


We received this email and thought it may be of use to those who wish to show their property's problem areas for better diagnosis.

Firstly we do not know anything about these people and do not suggest you do or do not use them. Your dealings with them will be your own responsibility and we will take no part in any communication about them or what they do.

In other words do your checks before you commit to anything!

Good Luck, it is a good idea if it all works as one hope it will.



The email sent to us.. "as is" no changes..


Aerial Impressions is a specialist aerial Photography company servicing all states of Australia.
We will be conducting aerial photography in most areas over the next few weeks (weather permitting) and have a special offer running for this time.

$119 for 6 proofs of your property .

Aerial Impressions was established in 1997 and delivers high quality photography to business and
property owners including both oblique and vertical photography..
Aerial Impressions has developed a unique navigation system using GPS technology to easily and
efficiently locate and identify properties thereby minimizing airtime costs and passing the saving onto our

An aerial photo will provide a unique perspective of your property and will become a treasured
heirloom in years to come. It can also be a great marketing tool for your business.
All work undertaken by Aerial Impressions is shot on professional aerial photography equipment allowing for superb detail.

An aerial photo of you property is also available in digital format. Ideal for brochures, websites and property planning.

Aerial Impressions now has the capability for large scale mapping projects. Please call for a quote on this service

either CALL US ON 1800 237 427
or visit us at http://www.aerialimpressions.com

No paperwork to fill out, our bookings at done via our unique online mapping system.

A brochure is available for download at http://www.aerialimpressions.com/information.pdf

All bookings must be completed by end of business Thursday 24th April 2008. ( if you have missed this date please call)


Aerial Impressions
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Re: URGENT OFFER: Aerial Photography to show problem areas

Post by Bert » Mon May 11, 2015 3:46 pm

There is a government site that you can find your farm on.

I have found it very useful.


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