where else to plant willows?

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where else to plant willows?

Post by lyrebird » Thu Jan 21, 2010 10:34 am

my last post was regarding where to find willow plants. i did order the last available salix babylonica from daleys (thanks to shirley for the tip), which is doing well despite being drastically pruned by my pet rabbit. in the meantime i found some plants near a creek in a sydney suburb and the cuttings i took are thriving.

we live in sydney and are growing plants in order to transport them to our property in the future.

we are looking to restore and improve the 42 acre property we own on the mid-north coast of nsw. we have removed the neighbour's cows from the property and repaired the fences, and are letting all weeds flourish and will slash them when they reach maturity.

we have greatly added to the fallen logs and trees along the creek to try to slow the flow and deal with erosion problems. there are many healthy casurinas along the creek although the roots are very exposed in places. we are encouraging lomandra grass along the creek banks.

given that the creek is a boundary, can we plant willows into the creek where organic matter has built up in these 'dams' we are assisting with? is this legal?

where on a property besides along the creek should we plant these willows? do they have a use in other areas? there are a few erosion gullies forming on some of the slopes although these are still well-covered with grass. could willows be put into these areas?

there is a very poor dam with no topsoil - looks like it was buried when the dam was dug. it is damaged by the cows although we have planted some lomandra, grasses and lemongrass on the dam wall. it is very exposed with very little shade. how would a willow tree go on the dam wall or even at the water's edge? most advice suggests keeping trees away from dams.

another question regards some erosion on the road that travels across our property. the soil is clay and shale with good creek flats, but the erosion is evident on the road that follows the midpoint of the slope. should we plant directly into the gutter that is forming there or try to control the flow of water from above?

thanks in advance,
we have just bought 42 acres on the mid-north coast. want to develop it to its full potential naturally.

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Post by piggers » Fri Apr 30, 2010 9:09 pm

I would like to know this too, have you had any luck finding the answer?

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