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Post by webmaster » Tue Jan 04, 2011 8:16 am

We wish you all a Happy, Healthy and Successful New Year.

We also give prayers and thoughts to all those who are suffering because of the floods.

Because nothing except an absolute change in thinking by our governments and farmers will decrease this type of carnage in the future, it is time for all of us to reflect on how we can make that change can occur.

Peter Andrews and all of us who believe in NSF have talked to anyone who will listen and many who won't, until the cows came home, yet here we are, years later, still much where we were at the start, 25 years or so ago.

As an analytical and logical thinker, I find it absurd and in a way amazing, how so many, who have had so much power, have done so little. If we were talking huge amounts of dollars in infrastructure like Labor's Broadband, BER or Ceiling Bats projects, one can maybe understand them shying away from big spending however on things they don't really care about, but NSF requires such small amounts of investment in comparison.

The billions and billions in those 3 projects I have mentioned, would have totally fixed our river and landscape systems to where we could be looking to once again become the food basket of Asia. Our farmers would be be free of the current endless worry of, 'how long can we last', and Australia could be more prepared for the,'big world financial collapse' which many say could happen. Let's hope they are wrong!

I can't see any governments doing anything with NSF soon, because even the new lot of pollies don't seem committed enough. Still, we can only hope.

If you have a property and you can hustle up a few pennies, you can at least help your own destiny a little by taking a serious look at NSF. Sure you also need some faith it will work, however there is so much scientific evidence available now, one would be silly to not at least take a hard look at it.

Maybe 2011 will allow you to do that. Then you will be doing your part of the patchwork which makes up this great country of ours.

Once again, Happy New Year.. :)

Lonnie Lee
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