Happy New Year to all

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Happy New Year to all

Post by webmaster » Wed Jan 02, 2008 12:56 pm

Happy New Year from Peter, Duane, Lonnie and all of us involved with NSF.

Let's hope this year NSF will break out into the mass consciousness so the new Federal government will dedicate some serious money and attention to NSF as the environment is still slipping away every day.

If this is to happen, it will be done by those of you who have bothered to follow your curiosity, gut feeling, faith or knowledge to a point where you will either 'know' for sure it will help, or think it is just another 'crazy idea'.

Please bug everyone from the new Prime Minister down to your Member of Parliament, Local council, Land care Council, local papers, local Radio, ABC Landline and anyone else who is not hard of hearing.

Everyone who has gone out of their way to stretch their normal way of thinking so that their investigations are not biased against NSF, have become converts.

If you are not sure about NSF, please read more and ask as many questions as you like. We want 2008 to be the year you start to turn around the problems you are having with your property.

It's rather ironic that NSF is possibly the cheapest and most simple way for you to help your property, yet for some, it's like pulling teeth to get this message across.

Once again, work the forum hard with your questions and experiences with and without NSF and let's hope 2008 is your time to come Back from the Brink.


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