Peter on 9's Sunday program this weekend 11th 9AM EDST

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Peter on 9's Sunday program this weekend 11th 9AM EDST

Post by webmaster » Wed Nov 07, 2007 12:23 pm

Channel 9's Ray Martin has Peter as the cover story on the 'Sunday' program this Sunday 11th November at 9am EDST.

They finished the filming last week with Don Burke at Tarwyn Park.

Spread the word before and after the event.

As viewers of the show, the best way to help take advantage of the promotion is to call your local MP and get them to watch and/or take the cause to those who are able to seriously do something about it. Calls to the station and the press also lets them know the subject is hot.

There is an election on our doorstep and maybe destiny is in our favour to have this promotion right at this time.

Please do your part to help.



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