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Holistic land managment

Posted: Tue Jul 14, 2009 9:32 pm
by mparish
I think what Peter has done is to draw attention to the plight of our water ways, it is fantastic. I do believe though, that treating the waterways is treating a symptom. The degradation to that waterway was caused by a break down in the ecological indicators of water cycle, bio-diversity, soil and energy flow. To treat only the creek or river, is not addressing the cause of the problem, and we need to change the management on all of the land on that property, similar thinking of the Soil Conservation agencies years ago, putting in contours and waterways to slow down water of slopes. How we make decisions about our grazing management and the farming management is more important. What are people going to do if they don't have a creek or river going through their property? They can start to change their grazing management and farming management this will improve the water cycle on their land and slow down the water and have better inflitration. I believe the degradation we see is a direct result of poor grazing management, over grazing plants one by one till we are back to bare ground. Our approach must be holistic it must be ecologically sound, econamically sound and socially sound.