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NATIONAL CALL: Your Country needs you !!!

Posted: Wed Nov 19, 2008 8:28 pm
by duane
I am starting a National Campaign today.
The aim is:
To create 56 Local Natural Sequence Chapters in Australia, one in EVERY NRM Region in the country, to demonstrate and build community capacity in learning about how the natural Australian landscape works (NSF) with an Education and Training facility and a demonstration site in each NRM region.

Currently, there are FIVE local chapters established with another TEN expressions of interest. See

Anybody, whose is interested in setting up a Natural Sequence local chapter can contact me at

The Australian Government's Caring for Coutry program wants to see 30% of Australian farmers adapting sustainable farming practices over the next five years.

Its an ambitous task, but one which can be achieved, if we can get support from the community for these 56 NSA local chapters.


Alice Springs Chapter

Posted: Tue Mar 10, 2009 12:20 pm
by drpat
Hi Duane
I am interested in forming a NSF chapter in Alice springs and would like some information on the aims, responsibilities and role of such a group
Kind Regards
Steve Patman

Posted: Tue Mar 10, 2009 6:39 pm
by duane
Dr Pat
The following info is available from

(The Peter Andrews System)
Governing Body

Fertile and productive landscapes sustaining healthy and prosperous communities

A non-profit, apolitical organisation supporting Peter Andrews’s vision of further research, enhancement and implementation of his life’s work*


To support the vision of Peter Andrews’ and Natural Sequence Farming.
Develop and plan outcomes for education and training, landscape planning and implementation and policy liaison.
Set short term and long term goals
Present information of Natural Sequence Farming outputs showing environmental, social and economic benefits
Maintain the momentum of the movement
Marketing and communication of the corporate image
Be responsible for licensing applicants for local chapters and licensing other interested parties.
Insurance should be under the governing body and cover all local chapters.
Establish and maintain positive communications with all stakeholders.


Organise support for the mission and objectives of the association
Share information within and between chapters through field days, newsletters, seminars, forums and the world wide web.
Promote and support informed onground action.
Support development of protocols for education and training, onground planning and implementation, monitoring and evaluation and communication.
Liaise with government, business and the broader community.
Issue licences to local chapters, other interests wishing to benefit from the association.
Manage contracts for provision of services to the association


Fertile and productive refers to ecological as well as agricultural and otherwise anthropocentric notions of fertility and productivity. Fertility refers to the ecological functioning of the system; its biodiversity, its carbon, water and nutrient cycling efficiency and its capacity to sustain communities in the long term. Productivity refers to the outputs relative to the inputs of the system, both in economic and ecological terms.
Landscape, in this case, refers to the biophysical environment e.g. a catchment, bioregion, continent.
Communities refers to both ecological and human communities and the interaction between the two.

Posted: Wed May 19, 2010 11:24 pm
by Penny
I am in WA and am interested in becoming involved in this project. My property is 100km east of Perth.

Posted: Thu May 20, 2010 1:35 pm
by duane

There is a local NSA Chapter in your are based at is the Avon NSA Local CHapter.

The Chair is Ian James and I will PM his personal details onto you.

Or if Ian reads this post maybe he can contact you thru the Private Message service on this Forum.

Posted: Thu May 20, 2010 1:49 pm
by Penny
Thanks for the information. Northam is not to far from us so I will make contact.