Peter a special guest speaker at Permaculture Conference


As you would understand Peter is extremely busy running around the country and still keeping watch over his projects however at times his schedule allows some time to address groups who are interested in meeting and hearing him talk about Natural Sequence Farming.

If you would like that, please let us know here and we will see what can be arranged.

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Peter a special guest speaker at Permaculture Conference

Post by duane » Wed Mar 12, 2008 8:51 pm

Peter Andrews will be on the card on day 3 of the APC9 at Turramurra NSW on Saturday 22nd March.

See for details of the 5 day event

Day Three: Saturday 22nd March 2008 "Todays Challenge: Water - a National Crises" Time Venue Activity Speaker/ Facilitator
7- 8am Glengarry House Breakfast
7.30am Bush Chapel Meditation & Yoga Inga Van Dyk

9am Marquee Water Conference
9am Training Room Open Space Workshops Robin Clayfield

9AM Marquee WATER CONFERENCE Professor Stuart Hill MC (20 mins)
Water Conference Opening Rosemary Morrow (20 mins)
The Wisdom of Water John Archer (30 mins)
Murray river system Jason Alexandra (30 mins)
"Back from the Brink" repairing the Aust landscape Peter Andrews (20mins)11am Glengarry House Morning Tea
11.30am Marquee Mains water neutral Gardening - urban water conservation Josh Brynes (20 mins)
Keyline Solutions to Drought & Flood Phill Gall (20 mins)
Water harvesting the permaculture way - Swales Geoff Lawton(20 mins)
Living Waters of Koorinesia Dying Waters of Aust Haikai Tane (30 mins)
1pm Glengarry House Lunch
2- 5pm Glengarry Courtyard Open Space Workshops
Working with Water Workshops
2pm "Working with Water - Positive Solutions
to Urban & Rural Water Issues"
select a presentation and change venue
2pm - Marquee Repairing broadacre landscapes Peter Andrews
2.40pm Glengarry House Greening the Desert & water harvesting pc way Geoff Lawton
(40mins) Pax Brae We never seem to have enough water Dr Ross Mars
Training Room Decentralised Grey water Systems - Urban Sarah West

2.50pm - Marquee Keyline - Drought proofing your property Darren Doherty and Phill Gall
3.35pm Glengarry Hall
(40 mins) Pax Brae Mains water neutral Gardening - urban water conservation Josh Brynes
Training Room Urban water solutions Michael Mobbs

3.45 Glengarry Courtyard Open Space Workshops
3.45pm Marquee THE WATER PANEL Chair Professor Stuart Hill
Open Forum discussion of water issues and solutions
Bill Mollison, Haikai Tane, Peter Andrews, Geoff Lawton, John Archer, Phill Gall, Ross Mars, Sarah West, Josh Brynes et al.

open mic questions and answers from floor

5pm Close of sessions

5.30-7pm Training Centre PDC Teachers Gathering. Delivery ideas

6pm Pax Brae Happy Hour
Matt Heffernan Solo acoustic guitarist Entertainment Troika

7pm Karawatha Campfire Dinner - BBQ Bonanza PN Catering Troika
7pm Karawatha Campfire Entertainment: African community drumming Entertainment Troika

8.30pm Rae Read Campfire Campfire story telling Entertainment Troika

8pm Marquee HARVESTING HISTORY Russ & Fiona Grayson
Australian State & Bioregional Groups
10.30pm Close of Sessions

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