Carbon Tax

This is such an important issue which will no doubt effect all of us one way or the other once governments get their way.

The serious introduction of NSF however, would have an incredible positive effect on the numbers being thrown around out there.

Because so many subscribers on this forum have passionate ideas about this subject, I thought we should open an area which would be dedicated to this subject only.

That way, the thousands of visitors we get to to this site, will be able to see quite quickly what postive effects NSF would have if more land owners instigated its principles.

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Carbon Tax

Postby greg » Wed Feb 16, 2011 7:27 pm

I am sure everyone has had the same results, but I will tell you anyway.
I have written to both state and federal governments asking, when the carbon tax comes in how much rebate I will get as I am a carbon and oxygen farmer, (25 acres of scrub).
As to be expected there has been no response.
I worked out (erring on the side of caution) that I produce about 11 tons of co2 a year ( I over estimated everything by a lot) and my trees suck up about 9 tons of co2 (under estimating number of trees and how much they draw from the air and not including any other plant matter, grass, wattle, battlebrush etc).
The information I got from various internet sites and can only assume that they are pretty close?
So in theory, i should only pay for 2 tons and not 11 tons??
Has any one had any successes?


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Re: Carbon Tax

Postby duane » Tue Jun 21, 2011 9:28 am

For me Senator Branaby Joyce summed up the benefits of a the proposed sham Carbon Tax in his July Newsletter when he said and I quote “Find me one tax, one tax in the history of humanity that has cooled the global climate. Because if taxes made the world colder, we'd already be living in an icebox.”

Many, including myself, don't always follow Barnaby's logic, but here he hit the nail on the head !!

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Re: Carbon Tax

Postby greg » Sun Aug 14, 2011 8:42 pm

That just about sums it up Duane.


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