Tarwyn park training report.

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Kilbilli farm
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Tarwyn park training report.

Post by Kilbilli farm » Sat Sep 15, 2012 12:49 pm

Hi everyone,

Just thought I would report back on the tarwyn park training we finished this week. We studied the first two modules(out of five) and travelled from qld to do it. So we really spent some time and money to get down there to participate! Just a brief outline of who we are.. We breed cattle on the southern edge of the darling downs in qld, in fairly undulating to steep country. I have a degree in applied agriculture, and have worked on several stations in qld and the territory.

Can I say this, with traditional knowledge in tow, I found this to be the most important study and practice I have participated in. The training showed how the methods can be applied to ALL areas of Australia, hilly and flat, basalt or sand, river systems or none.. As Duane says ' if it rains where u live, u can apply NSF'. And I truly believe that we will be able to apply the knowledge we learnt at the course and help start the process of building fertility, creating biodiversity and utilizing the water that falls on our place... Stay tuned because I intend to post before and after photos of where we start and the results of each step we take.

A MASSIVE thank you to everyone involved in the training, I really really appreciate every piece of information u shared with us, and can't wait to learn more!

Jess and kyna from kilbilli farm.

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Re: Tarwyn park training report.

Post by duane » Thu Nov 15, 2012 9:52 am

Hi Jess and Kyna

Thank you for that posting.

It's taken me a long time to respond but as you know I took off overseas for 5 weeks and when I returned I caught some terrible bug on the plane which layed me low for a couple of weeks.

There are some very important messages in your post for all people involved in agriculture in this country.

And you elucidated to just a few:

1. agriculture that is being taught across academic institutions is outdated and out of touch in many disciplines

2. NSF applies sound ecological principles to building fertility and biodiversity whilst allowing for high productivity and removal of biological/nutrient levels from farms

3. NSF focuses on accumulating WATER....not just in streams, floodplains and wetlands but water in all it's forms....solid (not so much in Australia), liquid and gaseous forms.

Water is THE most limlting resource to growth in the Australian landscape!!! Everybody knows that. They shoved it down our throats at school and the entire European culture heritage has reconfirmed it for the last 220 years. "Droughts and flooding rains....."by DM.

Water in the landscape allows everything to grow....microorganisms, algae, fungi, invertebrates, all plants and all animals.
Water in all it's forms with the help of plants moderates and controls the local environment. It is the only effective means of cooling the planet. It's why all life can survive on Earth.

So why do we remove all of the vegetation and why do we allow all of our rivers , streams and waterways to act as DRAINS and carry the VERY thing needed for life.....away?? It's happening right across our great Continent and on every farm every day.

NSF farms WATER.....naturally, as Nature intended in this dry continent.

Come and re-learn how to make your farming system GROW.

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