Everything practical that you wanted to know about NSF

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Everything practical that you wanted to know about NSF

Post by duane » Wed Jun 20, 2012 11:19 am

In Peter's two highly successful books, the descriptive information has been difficult for people to transpose into ACTION on the ground.

Now with the new education and training workshops comes the opportunity to learn all of the prescriptive or practical information to install NSF principles onto your own farms and watersheds.

The course takes participants through a 10 day practical training program, split up into 5 two-day workshops.

Learn how to set up a NSF farming system using:

1. natural contouring systems
2. repair existing drainage lines by mimicing 'chains of ponds'
3. restore natural water, fertility and carbon cycles
4. increase biodiversity
5. limit the loss of water, matter and energy from your farm to rebuild your farming system
6.learn how to use the FREE elements of sunlight (energy), rain (water), atmosphere (nutrients) and gravity
7. farm without pesticides, chemicals and artifical fertilizers
8. restore eroded gullies and flow lines
9. learn how to repair and reinstate floodplain functions
10. farm sustainably for the future by building reserves and not mining your farms resources

Here's what people have had to say about the first two day workshop:

“The Tarwyn Park Training session taught us how reading the landscape can assist us in creating the possibility of developing productive farms using natural processes effectively” A. Drew. WA.

“The TPT workshop demonstrated the extraordinary gains in fertility and biodiversity that are possible by farming water and using natural plant sequences” Paul Room, UMNSA, Canberra

“I came home from the TPT workshop with a new understanding of what my farm needed me to do to increase its productivity”. Terrie Wallace ‘Binomea’, NSW

“The 2 Day Level One workshop on Natural Sequence Farming held at Tarwyn Park was not only very informative but has given me the confidence to go back and start implementing the things that I have learnt. As land owners we all have an obligation to get it right and NSF is clearly a great way to go”. Ian Quant, “Boori Boori” NSW

"For the first time I really understand the Australian landscape and how to dope with floods and droughts. A rare insight into sustainable farming. So much that I want to repeat Stage I again!" Carolyn Currie, NSW

Wanting to learn more of the practical understandings of NSF???

Then book your place at the next workshop by contacting duane@nsfarming.com

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