Peter Andrews recieves Australia Day award..

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Shirley Henderson
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Peter Andrews recieves Australia Day award..

Postby Shirley Henderson » Wed Jan 26, 2011 8:47 am

Great to see Peter recieved a 'Medal of the Order of Australia .' :D :mrgreen: :D :mrgreen:
Big congratulations Peter, You deserve it! :wink:
At this time of devestating floods it is definitley time for Australians to take notice of your work and your understanding of the Australian landscape. Good luck Peter and I hope you get some well earned media attention! :P
Happy Australia Day and keep smiling! Shirley

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Re: Peter Andrews recieves Australia Day award..

Postby duane » Wed Jan 26, 2011 3:14 pm

Australian Honours List . 26th January 2011.

Congratulations Peter !!!

The Government and good folk of Austalia have formally recognised your enormous contribution.

Here is the statement issued by the Governor General's website:


Medal (OAM) of the Order of Australia in the General Division.

For service to conservation and the environment through the development and promotion of sustainable farming practises.
Grazier and racehorse breeder, Upper Hunter Valley.
Involved in developing the rural landscape management technique called Natural Sequence Farming based on sustainable ecological principles and natural cycling of water and nutrients to improve degraded land and waterways.
Travels throughout Australia conducting workshops and talks for farmers and community groups.
Featured on the ABC's Australian Story program.
Author, Back from the Brink, ABC Books, 2006; and Beyond the Brink, ABC Books, 2008.
Contributor, ‘Outcomes Australia - Restoring Our Landscape’.
Awards/recognition include:
Inductee, Carbon Farmers' Hall of Heroes, Carbon Coalition, 2009.

The formal ceremony will occur in April.

Three cheers for Peter:
Hiphip Hooray !
Hiphip Hooray !
Hiphip Hooray !

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Re: Peter Andrews recieves Australia Day award..

Postby duane » Tue Feb 01, 2011 9:04 am

Restoring the land

The Australia Day honours list included Peter John Andrews who received an OAM for services to Conservation and the Environment through development and promotion of sustainable farming practices.

“It’s an honour to receive the medal,” Peter said. “I hope it leads to a better understanding of how the Australian landscape works.”

Mr Andrews visits about 50 properties across Australia each year, showing farmers how the natural system works on their property.

“The whole planet runs on sunlight and that’s got to be converted by plants to a product that everything in the food chain can use.” But as Peter often says, “It frustrates me that the vital role of water in the landscape is continually misunderstood.”

Peter’s Natural Sequence Farming methods start by working with the landscape and utilising the plants that degraded systems use in order to start building organic soil. Reinstated fresh-water levels allow the sequestration of soil carbon, cool the landscape and in the process of building biodiversity create a more resilient and sustainable system.

Peter Andrews has been a frequent visitor to Braidwood and the wider Palerang region. He helped design the Mulloon Creek demonstration site. He has given talks at the National Theatre in Braidwood and investing his time, energy and expertise to many Natural Sequence Association field days.

It was in 2006 that Peter enlisted Martin Royds to set up an Association, along the lines of Landcare, to share with the farming and wider community Peter’s insights into how the landscape functions. The founding members of the governing body were Martin Royds, Peter Hazell, Paul Cockram, Paul Dann and Tony Coote.

An extract from the local newspaper "Bunendore Mirror" sent in by P. Cockram, The Greens candidate for Monaro

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