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Re: UPDATE from Victoria

Posted: Thu Dec 09, 2010 5:21 pm
by Shirley Henderson
Hi ghosta,
I appreciate your informative reply. The term ‘weeds’ doesn’t mean much to me these days. After learning about Peter Andrews and Natural Sequence Farming I began to view ‘so called weeds’ in a new light. What he taught me was not to blindly accept and follow the destruction of all plants that are deemed unwanted. I work in the field of conservation which of course ties in with farming, human living, wildlife and much more. Looking at NSF allowed me to begin seeing weeds as plants that perform a function. So that is what I look at now. I look at the plant and try to work out by carrying out my own observations, reading and learning from others and past experiences. What ever way I can, I try to learn as much as I can about the plant, where and why it grows as so many have probably done before but with a very open mind as to, can it belong here. Like food production, can a weed be useful in many more ways that first thought. Some examples are the functions the weed may carry out and I have found often that an introduced weed such as Blackberry may have a counterpart such as the native Raspberry which would perform the same function as the blackberry. If it is native it is accepted and a lot of people hate Blackberry and would more than likely hate the native Raspberry also. My point being, we need to see the function and the link in the system that the weed is performing. I agree that not all plants are welcome in all situations and that is for the farm manager to decide but stiff legislation has already decided (wrongly so) that certain plants must be eliminated, controlled and not always for the right reasons. Sure Peter Andrews is using weeds in a system he understands but I am hoping to understand as much as possible how they effect the natural environment and how and why they are where they are, and doing what they are doing. That is a very interesting subject and not one that too many people will even contemplate thinking about because of the hard and fast rules about what belongs here. I have started reading the information link you posted and also want to read Duane’s link as well. I will be back to chat about that later. For now I hope you might think over what I have said with a very open mind.
Kind regards

Re: UPDATE from Victoria

Posted: Thu Dec 09, 2010 6:11 pm
by duane
Victorians do not need to worry about 'Farmers Friend' or 'Salvation Jane'. The biggest weed problem they face for the future are those 'petrol tankers', plants laden with VOC's which will re-infest Victoria and re-ignite the state.

My real fear for ALL Victorians is that the next time we see a repeat wildfire like the last Black Saturday one, that the whole state will catch alight, especially if the ubiquitous eucalyptus weeds are allowed back by the 'lunatics running the asylum' in Victoria. Unless, we burn it every year and turn the place into a desert.

Maybe all Victorians could pack their bags and move to the Daintree......plenty have already because it's cool and wet in the rain forest and better still there are no flaming gumtree weeds.

Over to you ghosta.....

Re: UPDATE from Victoria

Posted: Thu Dec 09, 2010 8:07 pm
by ghosta
As long as they go north and not south here to Tassy. Climate change is predicted to be beneficial to Tasmania with increased rainfall and a bright outlook for agriculture. How can we keep this a secret? We dont want to be overrun with tourists gawking at the last remaining eucalytus "weeds" with their nasty koalas and tramping on our vegetable crops.

Re: UPDATE from Victoria

Posted: Mon Mar 07, 2011 12:03 am
by Angela Helleren
OOps sorry, double below. :oops:

Re: UPDATE from Victoria

Posted: Mon Mar 07, 2011 12:55 am
by Angela Helleren
This article almost escaped my reading, it was a Sunday news item and possibly timed to escape drawing too much attention! ... 1biyv.html

When Governments use our taxes to fund Universities, it's supposed that we all benefit from their studies...NOT to simply produce outcomes to fit a particular policy of (any) Government under veiled threats.

Another interesting article... ... 1bitn.html

Or should we also be asking who's selling us short/out? I recently saw a doco that stated the USA's food supply chain is now mostly controlled by 5 major Corps. After seeing how some of them operate and dictate to the farmer what feeds they must use, grains they sow(GM crops), I fear what these international buyouts will bring to our shores.