Brook Restoration Project - Nannup

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Brook Restoration Project - Nannup

Postby ashbypither » Sat Dec 12, 2015 12:47 pm

Hi All,

I am currently undertaking a brook restoration project on my property near Nannup in the South West of WA, rainfall of about 950mm/annum falling during winter. We have the St John's Brook running through our property which runs fairly regularly throughout winter and is reduced to pools over summer. The brook runs along the edge of an alluvial floodplain. Our property is basically divided into 2 by the brook with one side consisting of the floodplain and the other side a bit more elevated.

I have a plan which I have tried to attach however the forum says the file size is too large (at only 500kb??) If someone could let me know how to post attachments that would be great as it is hard to show what I am planning without these.

Basically we have a pile of large laterite rocks (very heavy, high in iron) and we are going to construct a few leaky levees using these and large logs in the creek. I am also planning to install a contour line in the location outlined. I have a few questions I was hoping someone could give me some guidance on to make sure I am on the right track:

1. The best location for the levees. Currently I have sited these just before a bit of a bend in the brook and where the flow is a bit faster than other areas. Towards the road end of the brook there is a couple of deep pools which retain water during summer and the water flow is not as fast here.
2. Planting of trees/shrubs next to the levees. Should I plant these areas this up in rows with willows or something similar? Is there another native tree/tree which will do the job as I may be getting funding from our local NRM and not too sure if they would be too keen on willows? The entire area can be inundated with water during winter for up to a week at times.
3. Swale design and location. I have identified what appears to be a sandy area in the middle of the paddock and I have positioned the contour slightly above this area and have raised it at the southern end to try to pull some water off the slightly higher ground toward the middle of the paddock and the recharge area. Does this look like a good design? Should I go with 2 contours as Peter suggests? If I was to dig fertility pits where abouts would I locate these? The paddock has very good drainage, we had a 100mm rainfall event in one night this year and the paddock was driveable the next day. The soil is a deep silty loam high in organic matter.
3. Any tips for planting out the area? It is very wet during winter and I am concerned all my plants will was away in the first bit of solid rain.

Thanks in advance for your help and guidance!!

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Re: Brook Restoration Project - Nannup

Postby ashbypither » Mon Dec 14, 2015 7:32 pm

Plans now attached, thanks moderators!!

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