Scientists say CO2 emissions NOT the cause of climate change

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Post by nik » Tue Aug 12, 2008 11:05 pm

Sure. Look at the big picture and global warming is meaningless to the planet. We are meaningless. If you look at the history of the planet as being roughly 6 billion years and convert that to a full 24hr day human beings arrived at the party at 2 seconds to midnight. This party has been hot and cold all day.

The planet is in constant flux, we are here for a while and have to choices for going forward - extinction or evolve. Without a doubt multitudes of lifeforms are going to thrive in the new conditions but sadly for us it could result in our extinction instead of evolution. But hey that is unlikely to play out in the life time of anyone alive today.

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In others words

Post by jeandb » Mon Sep 08, 2008 9:52 pm

The water cycle has one part of his travel in the atmophere and others part on the surface on continents and underground and oceans.

In the atmophere the drops of water and steam need the air to travel.
Like passengers take a train where the drops are passengers and the air is the train with wagons.
The starting station is the equator belt and the arrival stations are north and south poles but also tops of mountains (condensation).

So if we can say that we have a water cycle, we have an air cycle too which has one commun part with water cycle. When the air cycle is empty of water it continues the circulation of air ( cold and dry ) to come back to get warming and water again. So when these air cycle reachs the soil it brings the dryness to the ground( and make the deserts). We can say that the deserts are the result of the aircycle circulation and not the result of sun rays.
The sun only would like to grow up the trees and grass if we put water near the surface ( in stead to overpump the deep water ).

I think it is important to say that because the actual enlargment of the deserts obliges the water cycle to circulate in a smaller volume and then accelerate the speed of storms from evaporation areas to the condensations areas.
Also these acceleration of the speed transports more heat to the north and south poles and tops of moutains and that is the reason of the increasing of melting of ices.
The decreasing of the growing up of biomass (Because of the dryness) increase the co2 level which is no more recycled. The dry soils increase in temperature which is communicate to the atmosphere in addition of the greenhouse effect coming from co2.

All that to give more aguments that the increasing of the dryness of the earth is the real reason of the climat change. The solution to resolve this problem is to stop to talk only about co2 ( only to sale nuclear energy : that is our problem here in France ) and to developp and to promote the global water resource managment which catch all the runoff water to send it in underground water reserve of dry lands and deserts.

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