NSF on a small block

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NSF on a small block

Post by greg » Thu Feb 07, 2008 8:52 pm

Gidday All
About 12 months ago I read the book and found the web site and decided to give it a try.
I live near Gulgong on 25 acres of granite sand that couldn't support 1 cow.(I know I tried) Anyway I started looking at the place differently and started a few little projects, after about 10 months nothing seem to be happening, so I sent a email to see if I was doing something wrong, well just after that it started raining, I now understand why nothing happened before as the ground was still very dry. After a few inch's of rain I started getting plants growing were I didn't before. I have increased the size of my leaky dams on my creek line and added a few sand bags to try and keep some of the water. (the creek is run off creek) I divereted some of the water out from the creek across the paddock and have a lot of grass, chest high growing where grass never grew before and the small amount that did was only about a foot high.
The ground is now very wet on the down hill side, where it was mostly fairly dry. I seem to have something happening.
I also read a book by PA Yeoman about keyline farming. I like the part about soil inprovement using a deep ripper type implement. I decided to give it a go on a section that nothing grows on, I am still waiting but have noticed that the water running over the ground now sinks in and not run off. Time will tell.
So anyone getting a bit disappointed that nothing is happening, keep tinkering, it will work eventually and the people on this forum are very friendly and helpful.
Thanks for everyones help, I have read most submissions to get most of the ideas and apply them here.
Thanks Greg

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Post by duane » Fri Feb 08, 2008 9:59 am

Hi Greg

The trigger for the beginning of a natural, positive cycle in the Aussie landscape is a single thing....A RAINFALL EVENT.

Whether it be a storm, a downpour, whatever, ......THAT, is the trigger for all life in the Australian landscape.

The trick to nsf is that once this event happens you need to capture it and store in the landscape the maximum amount of moisture THE SOIL WILL ALLOW. This is how the ozzie landscape survived the next dry period with reserves in the ground.

Once the groundwater is full, of course, any excess will flow on, but the current paradigm which drains the landscape and gets the water away from farms as quickly as possible into dams and reservoirs is simply folly.

Remember this racing parlance. As farmers:

*you get the sunlight for nothing 8)

*you get the CO2 and O2 for nothing :wink:

now you have won the quinella!! :lol: BUT wait there's more

*if you can capture and hold the rain that falls on your property for nothing..... BINGO

now you have won the TRIFECTA!! :D :D :D


*remember water moves fertility across the landscape for nothing

and so now you have won the QUADRELLA!!!!

and as farmers you know that pays the biggest dividend of ALL. :D :D :D :D $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

ALL OF THIS COSTS FARMERS NOTHING....this is sustainable farming as Nature intended it.

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